• How to bring down the temperature in a child?

    If the baby has a fever, this is a cause for concern. The baby may have an infection, a virus, teeth may be cut. If the temperature rises, it means that the body is fighting the infection, but how to be ?. Most often, doctors recommend not to bring down the temperature, if it has not reached 39 degrees. If the child does not tolerate high temperature, for example, his limbs are cold, then bring the temperature down at 37.7 degrees. Not always the temperature can rise due to any infection. In young children, the thermoregulation of the organism as a whole is not very developed, so the temperature can rise if he is too warmly dressed, was in the sun for a long time, or took a hot bath for a long time.

    What temperature churn the child?

    It is important to know that in children under six months, temperatures up to 37.3 degrees are considered normal, and in children under one and a half years up to 37 degrees. But if your baby’s usual temperature is 36.6 and suddenly it has risen to 37 degrees, then this is already a deviation from the norm.That is, consider each case individually. You should also know at what time to correctly measure the temperature of the baby. Never measure it during or after feeding, while you are walking outside or after walking. Even the temperature can rise if the child is psyche or crying. Always remember that everything is individual, and therefore it is also necessary to decide whether to bring down the temperature or not, depending on the case.

    How to bring a child to a high temperature?

    Strip the child and cover with a thin veil, it is desirable that it be made of natural fabrics. The room must be ventilated. During the ventilation, do not leave the baby in the same room, take him to another room for a while.

    Ways to bring down the temperature

    How to bring down the temperature in a child? If the temperature has risen above 39 degrees, it is possible to give antipyretic, for babies it is better to use candles. If the temperature of the baby is accompanied by diarrhea, then use antipyretic syrup. But do not give febrifuge more than three times a day. If the temperature does not fall within two days, call a doctor.In this case, a more serious treatment is required, do not try to bring down the temperature yourself, since the fever for three days and more speaks of re-infection, and this may be pneumonia or pyelonephritis. It is better to always consult a doctor to find out how you can reduce the temperature of the child. While we try home options, perhaps they will be enough.

    How to bring down the child's temperature 39

    If such a temperature is accompanied by convulsions (the baby stops crying, stretches into a string, begins to shake and roll his eyes), the legs must be warmed up urgently. First with your breath, and then put on the baby's cotton socks. Well dilates blood vessels and accelerates blood flow antispasmodics (only a doctor can prescribe it). Well removes the heat cabbage leaf attached to the forehead of a child.

    How to quickly bring down the child's temperature

    To do this, follow these tips:

    • Air the room.
    • Strip the baby.
    • Keep track of the condition of the arms and legs. If they are cold, wear warm socks.
    • Wipe your baby with a cool, wet cloth.
    • Put ice or a cold towel on your forehead.
    • Give antipyretic.
    • Change wet clothes and bedding in a timely manner.

    How to infants to bring down the temperature?

    • Put on your baby's cotton thin clothes.
    • Turn off the bright lights and TV. The child needs complete rest, so speak quietly, avoid harsh sounds.
    • Let's drink more (an infant can drink water; fruit drinks and juices are excluded, because of the temperature they can cause an allergic reaction).
    • Wrap the feet of the child wipes soaked in cold water, cover with a thin sheet; napkins change every half hour. Compress repeat three times.
    • Give any medication only with the consent of your doctor or emergency doctor.


    How to bring down the temperature of the child folk remedies? Many parents trust the folk remedies with which their mothers and fathers treated them. There are a lot of such funds, I will cite some of them:

    • You can reduce the temperature of the child with vinegar. You can make an acetic compress or wipe with vinegar. In warm water, add a few drops of vinegar. In this solution, moisten the baby’s socks and put them on the legs. Wrap the legs on top with a thin veil.This compress should be changed every half hour three times. You can wipe the baby with the same solution. Moisten a soft cloth in it and wipe the baby with it, after wiping, cover with a thin blanket. The procedure can be repeated several times.
    • You can make a baby enema with boiled water. Water temperature should not exceed 20 degrees.
    • The effect of berry fruit drinks has long been known. Drinking plenty of lingonberry and cranberry juice quickly removes the heat. Do not give such fruit drinks to newborns or children prone to various allergies.
    • Wraps Wet the diaper in cold water and wrap the baby in it. Make sure that it does not freeze. After 20 minutes, wipe the baby with a dry towel and cover with a thin sheet. Such wraps can be applied several times until the temperature begins to fall.

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