• How to breed rabbits?

    Rabbits are really very prolific. The female bears pups exactly one month and one litter can bring up to 10 (on average) baby rabbits. That is, taking into account the time of gestation and rearing of rabbits (the offspring is deposited 45 days after birth), then every 4 months your farm will grow. Of course, this factor will be acceptable only for people who are aware of how to breed rabbits. Rabbits unpretentious, but proper nutrition, cleaning and processing of cages, timely vaccination will save your animals from various evils that can destroy all the livestock. Rabbits are very susceptible to diseases, and can become infected from humans.

    Rabbit Breeds

    If you are completely new to this area, then first you need to choose a breed, prepare a habitat for them (prepare cages) and only then buy it. The most popular are the following breeds:

    • Gray Giant (female brings up to 9 baby rabbits).
    • White giant (8 baby rabbits).
    • White downy (6-7 rabbits).
    • Butterfly (8 baby rabbits).
    • Soviet chinchilla (8 rabbits).

    How to breed rabbits

    Site preparation

    The first thing you need is high-quality cages so that the animals can live comfortably and you need to clean.

    If you decide to start small, for example, purchase 2 females and 1 male, then you will need 3 cells or one long divided into three zones. Females can be divided adjacent feeding trough of thin metal rods (wooden gnaw through), and the male separated by a wooden partition.

    It is necessary not to forget about the arrangement of the maternity ward, and, as a result, the nests for babies. The female will arrange it herself, warming her own down. If it’s around the cold season, the maternity ward needs to be warmed (upholstered with an additional layer of plywood, covered with blankets), but only with natural materials, put inside the straw.

    For full control of the whole process, a separate door should be made at the delivery room.

    Rabbit Mating: Important Points

    And so, they chose the breed, harvested the cells, vaccinated (if not vaccinated, taking into account the effect of vaccination 9-12 months). After a few days, you can start mating. It is enough to put a mature male and a female in one cage (it is better to watch their behavior for more convincing), and then plant them in cages.

    Now it is necessary for females to provide good nutrition. Good nutrition - hay (in summer green grass, left for at least 2 hours), cereals and vegetables (carrots, cabbage). Some breeders spoil their pets with dried pieces of bread and mash (composition of cooked peelings of potatoes, carrots, beets and other crops with mixed feed).

    Also, pregnant females need peace, silence and adequate drinking, like all other individuals. If there is not enough water during the birth and in the first days after it, the female can destroy her own offspring.

    About a week before the birth, the rabbit will begin to tear down his fluff, making a nest.

    Offspring on the hands can not be taken. Of course, curiosity is not a vice and it is impossible to get rid of it, and if it gains the upper hand, then you should watch the rabbits carefully. First you need to wash your hands without using strongly aromatic soap, pet the female and only after you can count the number of rabbits (but it is not desirable, especially the first one around the female).

    After 45 days, the offspring is deposited it is already possible to vaccinate and the female is again allowed to approach the male.

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