• How to believe in God?

    Sometimes, in life, trials begin to happen, which can not always be called easy. Many believe that it is precisely such events that make it possible to take a different look at your life and change something in it. Also, in order to withstand life adversity, people need faith. But it happens that a person initially had little faith in what, or, on the contrary, lost faith in people, life and God. Of course, for many, what is faith in God, if not a way to see the highest good and power? Some are prone to this, and for this sometimes there is a lack of awareness of unity, the fact that man is not alone. It can be nature, and communication with loved ones, and a simple opportunity to wake up daily. These aspects will already be enough for how to believe in God. If you do not feel this, the main thing is not to deprive yourself of communication with others. Togetherness and community will help you to understand yourself.

    Attitude to faith in God

    If you ask yourself or another person a question about faith, he will be able to give a fully reasoned answer - whether he believes in God or not. And there may be several reasons to relate to faith in a certain way:

    • Such judgments are evidence that everyone in one way or another has already thought about faith and made its own specific conclusions.
    • If you ask a question about the structure of the universe, you can usually get a completely neutral answer - “I don't know.” This is interesting, because the question of faith in God and the structure of the universe are equally global. In addition, their confirmation or
    • refutation is beyond the scope of scientific or physical knowledge, and can be interpreted only at the level of hypotheses.
    • How to believe in God, and what the universe is made of, everything relies only on guesswork and intuition. Only the answer to the question of faith will each person have and discuss this issue with a storm of emotions. And the second question will remain absolutely neutral and, if you hear about the new theory of the structure of the universe, then perceive it only as a scientific discovery, nothing more.
    • If you think about this issue, you can be sure that all 99% of a person’s knowledge is a belief in something that is not proved and is not justified by them personally. We believe that the structure of the atom is the same as you studied it in school, or that light has a wave nature, and other laws of physics and chemistry.In these matters you can not be sure, because you cannot prove it personally, but you believe those who supposedly know a lot about it - scientists, teachers, etc.
    • All life of people, apparently, consists of a certain belief in something. But, usually, people like to debate only about faith in God, and to motivate it with the fact that the presence of God is unprovable, and the very belief in what is not proved is stupidity. If, on faith, too much is already taken - most aspects of life, then the decision on how to come to God, for example, will be subject to skepticism.
    • In the matter of faith it is worth arguing with yourself, and with your world view and knowledge. It is worth looking at this question clearly and looking for the reason for the lack of faith in your mind.

    How to find faith in God

    It doesn’t matter if it’s about believing in God, but everyone is constantly striving for something more and better in their lives. Many believe that a person who can live as if his expectations or dreams have already been fulfilled and fulfilled, such a person lives by faith. If there is a feeling of something invisible and incomprehensible, then the faith of such a person will become for him his conviction and confidence in life. When goals are achieved and dreams come true, or in other words, when an invisible desire becomes visible to a certain extent, then faith in life as such will no longer be necessary for man.Then there will be confidence in the highest and best. But there are reasons that make faith necessary:

    • If you think about it, you will come to the conclusion that any person in something necessarily believes in this life. Both atheism and communism are also a kind of faith on which the doctrine is based upon which people live, as in a real religion.
    • The worldview of any person will be formed on the basis of his life attitudes and experience, as well as the environment and all value systems and ideas, rooted in a society where a person lives and in which he is constantly located.
    • Therefore, think about your life, about the educational system, and whether they justified their positive role in your life. If not, then think about something bigger and better for you personally.
    • Religion is not a way of believing in God, as such. After all, you can regularly attend the church, but at the same time, do not live by the principles. You need to learn to understand what faith can give you psychologically, how to support you and improve your life.
    • Well, of course, try to do good deeds. It is at the heart of faith and religion, and any, and at the heart of the human relationship to others.People who need help are always there, and it is worth helping them. This will in any case make you better and allow yourself to be more respected.
    • The main thing is what kind of person you are. It is considered to be that all tests will go to the person for the benefit, and will temper him. It is desirable that this make a person noble, because having survived your sufferings, it is easier to understand others and help them. It is also not so much a postulate of faith and religion, as much as good in its broadest sense.

    Now you have an idea of ​​how to believe in God and what to choose for yourself. You can not attend churches and not wear a cross, the main thing is to remain a kind and fair person. That is what religion calls for.

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