• How to behave with a very emotional person?

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    Mr arrogance
    Answered on March 22, 2015 16:35
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    Consider several different situations: 1. Constant communication with a very emotional person. If this is someone weaker than you, then he needs support and comfort. For example, a small child or a sentimental girlfriend. You can soothe them with your arms, pat on the shoulder, pat on the head, say that everything is fine, everything is in order. If this is someone older or more serious, do not respond emotionally, but simply listen calmly, do not insert reproaches and comments. When a person "lets off steam", express his point of view calmly and without harsh words. 2. If this is not a very close, but emotional person, with whom you often have to communicate and who have already become accustomed to a definite reaction to his words and actions, he thereby feeds you every time, seeking support.He is used to your reaction, and you are tired of listening to him? Do exactly the opposite, react inadequately. If, for example, you usually calmly listen to his emotional nagging, and then he is pleased that he has “poured” his negative on you, goes quiet, react just as emotionally. You can exclaim: "What are you saying! Yes, you'd better listen to what happened to me here!" - and in the colors about all your problems, you can even invent, throw on him an emotional tub of information. You can still somehow emotionally react. The man is a little bit awesome, but will shut up. 3. If, on the street or in a public place, someone allows himself to shout at you, react too emotionally, do not waste your energy on him or engage in a skirmish. Just leave silently and that's it.

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