• How to behave with a married man?

    Alena Mikhailova
    Alena Mikhailova
    January 25, 2015
    How to behave with a married man?

    Married men, as well as free, are in demand among women. Here are just a relationship with a non-free person is unstable, and at any time may collapse. But if you know how to behave with a married man, you will be able to get pleasure from them. Below you can see a few tips.

    How to behave with a married man

    Try not to advertise your relationship, do not appear together in public places and do not tell your friends and relatives about your romance. After all, at any time the spouse of your lover can find out about your relationship, as a result there will be a scandal in which you will look far from the best.

    Try to call your lover less, let him look for you and appoint you. So he will not lose interest to you much longer and will be sure that you do not represent a threat to his family.

    Meet the man fully armed. You should always have a neat hairstyle, beautiful makeup and a delicious dinner.Do not complain about fate, do not make scandals, do not ask him for money, just listen to him and try to help him solve his problems. As a result, he will know that he has a person to whom he can rely.

    Do not allow a man to devour you, because soon he will think of you as a second wife. You must have your own life, so attend various events, have fun. In this case, the man will understand that you can find a replacement for him at any time, and since all the representatives of the strong half of humanity are proprietors, he will try to give you more time and give gifts, and possibly divorce his wife.

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