• How to behave with a girl?

    Almost all men want to be liked by women. But not everyone can afford it. In this article we will talk about how to behave with a girl, if you really want to please her, or on the contrary - you decided to break off her close relationship.

    First impression: tips for a girl

    Not every first date can be the beginning of a long relationship. How to make so that the appeared sympathy did not disappear quickly, but strengthened? Much here depends on how to behave the girl. Let's call 10 “NO”, which a girl shouldn’t do so as not to spoil her impressions of herself:

    • Be calm, do not make tantrums. Even if you're a real bitch, then a man immediately know about it is not necessary.
    • Do not play with emotions. Too frequent chuckles will make you think about the condition of your head.
    • Do not try, guys do not like shadowing. If he needs, he will tell about everything.
    • Be patient, do not demand attention to yourself 24 hours a day. And then he will do it himself.
    • Do not drink it for an undelivered call and do not tell your friends about it.Play in forgetfulness, and this will be surely reckoned to you later.
    • Do not make him guilty of your failures and troubles, especially not compare with another man, especially your ex.
    • Don't keep phones and other contacts of your ex-boyfriends!
    • Don't flirt with his friend, unless, of course, this relationship is dear to you. If not, then go ahead, this is the surest way to disperse.
    • Do not forget to reply to his sms and e-mail. Be attentive!
    • Do not refuse to meet at the weekend. The reason for refusal for family reasons may show a man his insignificance to you. Always explain what, how and why.

    Male behavior

    The desire to continue the relationship with the man you like will be seen by the girl’s behavior immediately. But he should not forget about certain points that will help and at the first acquaintance, and during subsequent communication.

    • Be original. Attention is drawn to those who behave unusually, not like everyone else. You do not need to stand on your head, it is enough to have a light romantic mood and be able to surprise pleasantly. This will help to understand how to maintain a relationship with a girl, because she will definitely show her reaction.
    • Be attentive to your words.This applies both to the speech itself and to its content. What is not worth talking to a girl: sex, the shortcomings of other people, their illness. What it is necessary to talk about: family, children, their merits (but without fanaticism). A good sense of humor will help with any conversation and show you in a winning light.
    • Smile more often. When communicating with a girl, you need to forget about all the troubles and make only a positive impression. Of course, there are women who always try to help and offer their advice, but then such a person will only feel pity and regret for you.
    • Compliment! Better bad than his absence. We must try to be sincere at this moment so that the phrase does not seem memorized in advance, although this possibility is permissible.
    • Do not set yourself a framework in the behavior of a girl. Moreover, it is not necessary to set a goal - to please her. You need to try to forget about it and build your behavior as if you are talking to an old friend, without embarrassment and embarrassment. This will help you to become natural in behavior, which will surely bring you closer.
    • Be neat and elegant. Appearance is a trump card. And they need to play with dignity.Therefore, carefully go to the selection of clothes: you can not choose to meet a sports suit or a strict jacket, you should refuse screaming shades in clothing, shoes should be clean, the smell - pleasant (but not busting).
    • An important detail is punctuality. This will complete the image of a responsible man on whom you can rely.

    Give up friends

    After a long relationship, not everyone can maintain a respectful and friendly disposition towards each other. But everyone needs to strive for this. And the important point in how to carry on a boyfriend with an ex-girlfriend will be the very moment of separation. It is necessary to approach this “with feeling, sensibly, with an arrangement”. We give some practical advice:

    • Do not make the break with the girl painful. At least, you should try to make the moment of parting softer.
    • If the first guy had the idea of ​​parting, then you need to build a line of conduct so that the girl herself would have the same thing. For example, to meet less and not to talk about your relationship with her. Girls for a long time can not and are beginning to display frankness. And here the main thing is to correctly build a dialogue.It is best to play at a loss and then agree to a point in the relationship.
    • Not all ways of ending a relationship can give a man a sense of superiority, but let it be a small price to pay for peace of mind that a future bachelor’s life promises.

    Now you know almost everything about how to behave with a girl so that she feels your care and attention.

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