• How to behave if your boss is female?

    Good relations with the authorities are a guarantee of comfort during professional activities. And what if the boss is a woman? Let's figure it out!

    Female boss: advantages and disadvantages

    To begin, consider all the positive and negative aspects of the situation.


    • Developed intuition. As a rule, women who have achieved heights in their career growth and holding managerial positions do indeed have a “flair”, which is very useful when doing business.
    • Endurance. It is no secret that a woman’s body is more enduring and resistant to all sorts of external influences. “Iron ladies” bravely endure all the hardships and hardships, do not allow themselves to relax, and even during illnesses are laid out 100%.
    • Accuracy and attentiveness when performing tasks. Usually women are more scrupulous and demanding of themselves, which makes it possible not only to do everything qualitatively, but also to notice errors committed by subordinates in time.
    • Creativity.Women are able to think creatively, and often they are much more successful than men. And creativity and original approach in modern business are simply necessary.
    • Sensitiveness, interest, sympathy. If an employee approaches the woman boss and decides to take early leave to take the child out of the kindergarten, for example, the boss will certainly go into position and will not refuse.
    • Speech communication. Women talk more, know how to listen, do not miss the attention of trifles. And having established verbal contacts with subordinates, it is possible to optimize and accelerate many processes. This is especially important when performing everyday tasks.
    • The desire to create a comfortable environment. Women need more comfort than men. If the male boss will work in any conditions, then the fair sex leader will try to make every effort to establish a life in the workplace.
    • As a rule, women are more reverent and responsible for their reputation, so it is unlikely that the boss will make novels with subordinates.
    • Psychological flexibility. Women quickly understand others, adapt to them, looking for approaches and ways of interaction.


    • Excessive emotionality, which sometimes interferes with making right decisions.
    • Fluctuations hormonal background. Once a month, even the most calm and resistant woman can change drastically and become sentimental, nervous or aggressive. Few manage to control themselves.
    • Excessive sentiment often makes it difficult to soberly assess situations and respond adequately to what is happening.
    • Many women have a very changeable mood that can influence work processes. Male chiefs are more stable.
    • In women, leadership by nature is less pronounced than in men. This can affect the atmosphere in the team, provoke disruptions in the processes.
    • Indecision. Important decisions for many leaders are not easy.

    Types of female leaders

    There are several types of women leaders:

    1. "A man in a skirt." This is a real “iron lady”, buying up on emotions, not allowing herself and others to be weak, rigid and authoritarian. Instead of democratic governance, she chooses the despotic, keeps her subordinates in her “fists”, uses the whip method.
    2. "Mommy." It is the opposite of the first type; it treats its wards as children.Under such a leadership in the community, friendship reigns, all conflicts are resolved gently, and employees are always given help and support. But sometimes guardianship crosses borders, and excessive kindness leads to confusion.
    3. "Workaholic" or "enthusiast." She spends a day literally at work and does not tolerate laziness of her subordinates. But sometimes the stormy activities of the staff so fool the head of the boss that she does not notice the mistakes. It seeks to achieve more, develop a business, introduce innovations, change something. And far from always changes and implementations bring positive results.
    4. "A born leader." Such a leader can lead the whole company, coordinate employee actions and take responsibility. This woman causes respect and admiration, can be boldly called a business woman.

    How to build behavior?

    How to behave if the boss is a woman? Proper construction of behavior will not only streamline the workflow and clearly understand the tasks, but also set up effective feedback, avoid misunderstandings and avoid conflicts. The policy of the subordinate depends on several factors, and all situations are discussed below.

    Gender Subject

    A girl with a fairer sex is easier to find a common language, but this is one side of the coin. The other is possible rivalry, envy, gossip, and intrigue. It is important to distinguish between personal life and work, not to dwell on what should not interfere with professional activity. You need to keep a low profile and not to use women's solidarity. A friendship with the authorities begin very carefully and deliberately, after a quarrel, it can turn against you.

    A male employee cannot provide attention, but ordinary polite compliments on the case are appropriate. Also, a man in no case should demonstrate that he is unhappy with the power of a woman, and also oppose matriarchy and express the opinion that males rule the world.

    Boss age

    If the boss is older than the subordinate, then he should be treated with respect and respect, but at the same time do not indicate age, women do not like this very much. If the leader, on the contrary, is younger (especially significantly), then in this case one should observe subordination. Forget about your experience: in the workplace you are subordinate. And if a young girl holds such a position, thenshe achieved this, although, of course, there are other cases.

    Type of leader

    Communication depends on the type of leader. With a "man in a skirt" you need to be able to listen, keep yourself in hand and keep quiet. We'll have to communicate with restraint and only on professional topics, unconditionally carry out instructions, not to switch to personal. If you have an opinion, first formulate it, then state it, giving weighty arguments. And do not mumble, do not press on pity.

    With "Mommy" you can communicate in a friendly manner, addressing all requests to her directly. Do not be afraid to express your opinion and ask for help if you need it. In response to insults that are inevitable with this type of leadership, just apologize and turn to feelings and emotions. But excessive emotionality will interfere.

    With the “enthusiast” you need to be active, active, often offer different options, think creatively and not be afraid to express your thoughts if they have the right to exist. Do not let yourself shirk from the tasks!

    For the “leader” just go, trust him completely, take responsibility and delegated authority.And show respect, but at the same time maintain self-esteem.

    Character boss

    Having got a job, immediately start to look closely at the leader in order to assess her character and behave accordingly. For example, a sentimental woman reacts violently to criticism, courageous and active demands the same qualities from subordinates, generous always helps, and straightforward everything speaks in person, without thinking about the consequences. And try to catch changes in mood and react to them.

    Communicating with a female leader is possible, and the information in this article will help you with this.

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