• How to become quiet?

    Ksenia Gaynulina
    Ksenia Gaynulina
    November 11, 2014
    How to become quiet?

    A quiet, calm and balanced person inspires confidence and favor of the people around him. Sometimes you have to hold back your ardor and learn to restrain your emotions. Some are able to be quiet from birth, while others need to work a little on themselves in order to develop this quality in themselves.

    How to learn to be calm and quiet

    Many girls want to please the representatives of the stronger sex and try to make a good impression with their modesty and decency. After all, some men do not like too noisy girls and pay attention to quiet and mysterious people. Here are some tips on how to learn to be more balanced and quiet.

    1. So, first you need to develop a strong motivation and desire to achieve a result. Start working on yourself right now. Tell yourself that becoming quiet and calm is what you really want. And you will apply for this all your strength.
    2. Before you once again raise your voice or flare up, use the old, but effective way - count to 10.Breathe calmly and do not think about the source of irritation, try to calm down.
    3. Of course, at first other people will seem to you noisy and irritable, but be tolerant. Know that the main task is to change yourself, not others.
    4. Work on the intonation and timbre of your voice. It is pleasant to others to listen to the quiet, quiet, but at the same time confident person.
    5. To become quiet, you will have to learn to listen to the interlocutor. People who tend to talk and interrupt a lot, just need to understand that these qualities are not the most pleasant.
    6. Yoga, visiting the pool, walking in the fresh air will help you learn to control yourself, to become more quiet and balanced.
    7. If you have a lot of energy and cannot be calm, try to direct it to a good cause. Be engaged in creativity, charity, learn something new.
    8. Harmonize your space. Equip your home as you want. Pastel and green colors soothe, so pay attention to the color of your room.

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