• How to become an officer?

    Evgeny Lukashenko
    Evgeny Lukashenko
    May 30, 2012
    How to become an officer?

    Quite a serious topic of conversation. Just the fact that you are interested in how to become an officer of the Russian Federation is worthy of respect. Many young people, on the contrary, for reasons unknown to us, tend to avoid everything that is directly related to the army. This avoidance can even be described as a panic fear of the unknown, something new for them, and perhaps it’s just too hard for them to become an officer in the Russian army.

    Becoming an officer is not easy

    First, officers of the Russian Federation are trained by special military educational institutions (higher educational institutions, I dare say!), Including military institutes and military academies.

    At present, military institutions are the main educational institutions that provide training for the necessary personnel to replace officer positions with the possibility of further growth and promotion to higher positions. In military institutes they are engaged in the training of graduates, officers with higher education in more than 250 areas of training.Later, these specialists are in demand by the fleet and army of the Russian Federation. I note that in almost any military school is made a set of civilians. It is partly clear how to become an officer - to study in a special institution. But is it that simple?

    To enroll in an officer training program, it is necessary to reach the age of 16 years. The upper bar for admission is the age of 27 years. It is necessary to consider that it is necessary to serve in the urgent army, otherwise do not act. Young people under the age of 18 will be provided with a delay or academic leave for the period of service.

    For admission, it is necessary to submit an application to the nearest military commissariat before April 20 of the current year, attach three 4.5x6 centimeters to it, a characteristic from the place of work (study) and an autobiography.

    Pre-selection will be made before May 15. It involves screening out applicants on the basis of:

    • Education;
    • Psychological and social qualities;
    • Physical qualities.

    The final selection is made in July of the same year. Successfully selected applicants will be enrolled as cadets in the appropriate educational institutions on a competitive basis on the results of examinations.Nothing transcendental, general education subjects, nothing more. After enrollment, you can safely assume that you have begun your path of becoming an officer of the Russian Federation.

    How to become a police officer? Interest Ask. Here the same thing, the only difference is that you will have to submit your documents specifically to the educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I will note that applicants who have passed military service will have greater success than those who run from the army.

    Portal Elhow.ru wishes you good luck in your noble endeavor!

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