• How to become a robot?

    Alena Mikhailova
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    How to become a robot?

    A modern person in most cases tries to control his emotions and hide his true feelings. As a result, sooner or later he thinks about how to become a robot - of course, in a metaphorical sense. Below you will find some tips.

    How to emotionally become a robot?

    The concept of "robot" means the absence of emotions and feelings in humans. To become them, first of all you will need to try not to react to what is happening around you. Look at everything through the prism of calm and faith that everything is fine; take all events as a given which you cannot influence. So, do not worry about it. Emotional girls to take themselves in hand will help our article - How to become calm.

    Appeal to reason

    For emotions to never take over you, you need to constantly appeal to reason. Thus, you should be constantly guided by the following "commands":

    • "need";
    • "OK";
    • "correctly".

    Try to live like this for a week, a month, and afterwards you will get used to it and become like a robot.You will notice how your reactions will become equally mechanistic. You have almost no desires, but processes will enter your life. They will need to be initiated, maintained and terminated.

    To some, such a life may seem boring, tedious, uninteresting, but order will settle in it. You will not react to various stimuli, as they simply will not hurt you emotionally.

    Limit communication with family and friends

    If you want to become a robot, then you should limit communication with family and friends. After all, at the next gathering your emotions can break out, and this is not typical of a robot. For this reason, it is better not to risk it, but rather to do some kind of work, which has probably accumulated a lot. It may not bring you joy, but you don't need it. The only thing that matters to you is to keep everything under control and do your job perfectly well.

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