• How to become a prosecutor?

    Yana Merichenko
    Yana Merichenko
    November 4, 2014
    How to become a prosecutor?

    Prosecutor - the main legal representative of the prosecution in court. The prosecutor works with investigators and conducts independent investigations, issues sanctions for conducting searches and arrests, analyzes the guilt of the defendant and offers punishment. The prosecutor most often listens to the words of the prosecutor. Therefore, a good prosecutor must have excellent analytical skills and have iron restraint.

    It’s not easy to become a prosecutor, because in addition to core education, you need to work in the public service for a few more years.


    In order to become a prosecutor, it is necessary to get a higher education in legal specialization (for example, "Jurisprudence"). Well-established educational institutions such as:

    • Moscow State University (MSU)
    • Moscow State Law University named after O.E. Kutafina (MSLA)
    • Russian Law Academy (RPA)
    • The Institute of Prosecution, has branches in different regions.

    Often, after graduating from these institutions, students are immediately sent to work at the prosecutor's office.


    In order to become a prosecutor, it is not enough to finish training, you also need to work out several years in public office. How about the career ladder will look like:

    1. Assistant prosecutor or investigator of the prosecutor's office, usually in this position it is necessary to work from 5 to 10 years.
    2. Deputy Attorney. This is one of the most difficult and hard to reach areas in the career ladder.

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