• How to become a man?

    "Be a peasant, after all!" - this phrase is heard in his address by many men in completely different situations. And what does it mean to be a peasant, and how to become one? Let us throw aside stereotypical opinions like “did not serve - not a peasant”, “all women are crazy about him are a real peasant”, etc., because the basis of real masculinity lies much deeper. Let us consider in more detail what it is based on and what it is like - a real man in an ideal understanding.

    The qualities of a real man

    Internal core, firmness in convictions

    This man has his own principles and beliefs, to which he is faithful. It is important to have your own opinion and be able to defend your point of view, especially if a man is right and his word can significantly affect the future. He is independent, he can make decisions himself. A man who, like a wind vane in the wind, turns either in that direction or in this direction, depending on which situation is more comfortable, will not gain respect.


    It is very important for a man to be realized in his life, and his activity contributes to this.Self-realization in the case for a man is in the first place, and a woman who is able to understand and accept this will do very wisely. It is important to find yourself in any business, in work, where you can show your talent, reveal yourself, get recognition.

    Perseverance and determination

    A man is always striving for something, he wants to reach new heights, receive public recognition, etc. It is important not to stop halfway and give up when something goes wrong or goes wrong. Not everything in life is smooth and fast, but the ability to overcome obstacles to achieve a goal is inherent in a real man.


    Many men suffer from internal insecurity and try to hide it in every possible way. Some succeed, but low self-esteem still impersonates itself. It is important to identify, accept and work out your complexes - you will become more confident in yourself and notice how the attitude of others to you changes in a positive way. Self-confident man is respected, they reckon with him, ask his opinion. It is important not to confuse confidence with self-confidence. Self-confidence is often the opposite of confidence and arises from low self-esteem.A self-confident person often feeds his own, as he believes, “confidence” by trying to prove how much and in what he is better than others. For example, he often sores, trying to offend others for being (we are talking about malicious utterances, not humor), in order to increase his self-esteem. A self-confident man does not need such tricks, everyone already feels his inner strength, he treats people kindly.


    This man is associated with constancy, reliability, not for nothing that they say "like a stone wall." This means that if a real man promised something, he would definitely keep his word. The man, who has seven Fridays in the week, does not inspire confidence. A man who constantly instills, too, is not held in high esteem.


    Can you imagine a real man in a state of hysteria? At a minimum, this is puzzling. A real man knows how to control his emotions, he is calm and reacts to consequences undesirable for him and events in life adequately, does not allow negative emotions that have overwhelmed him to be too violent.

    Ability to overcome your fears and failures

    Almost all people are afraid of something, and real men are no exception. Only they, unlike others, try to overcome their fears and again strive for their goals after failures.

    In an effort to develop these qualities in yourself, you will become a real man. It is no secret that a woman can greatly influence a man. If relations in a pair are built harmoniously, then the partners contribute to the development of each other. Accordingly, a woman contributes to the development of the best qualities in her man, helps him to open up and realize his potential. But in order to achieve this level of relationship, you need to behave correctly. Therefore, in the framework of this article, we will also talk about how a real man behaves in a relationship with a woman.

    Real man in relationship with woman

    • Respect for a woman. In general, this is a very valuable quality for women of any age. These are observance of etiquette rules in relation to the weaker sex, the ability to conduct a conversation with a woman correctly, recognition of her right to individuality and weakness, preservation of respect in negative situations, disputes, quarrels.
    • Courage and determination in the manifestation of their feelings.If you really love, do not be afraid to show it, say about it. Women, many of whom are hesitant and uncertain, value brave men.
    • Constancy This includes loyalty and fulfillment of its promises. If a woman feels safe near you, can completely trust you, then all the best that she can give will be only for you.
    • Ability to behave in different situations. Heartless and stubborn tyrant and pleasing henpecked - these are two extremes that must beware. You need to understand when you need to console and help her, and when to restrain her a little. Women, too, are not perfect.
    • Caring is a very important factor for harmonious relationships. If you think only about yourself, about what you can get from a relationship with a woman, that is, you are showing complete egoism, there will not be a strong mutual love. For a real man, it is normal to take care (in every sense) of his woman, help her, care for her. And your actions are important. Everyone can speak beautifully, but real feelings are also confirmed by actions.
    • Sincere love is perhaps the most important thing your woman needs if she is with you for love.Men compared with women are more restraint, avarice in the expression of feelings. A woman needs to feel that she is loved, otherwise problems can arise from a lack of attention. So do not forget to show love to your woman more often.

    Following these tips, you can become a real man.

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