• How to beat off takes?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    March 18, 2013
    How to beat off takes?

    Today, as many years ago, many people like to wear berets, and some consider them to be the best headdress. Initially, berets were worn by the military and workers as a uniform. But thanks to a variety of shapes, styles and materials, almost everyone can pick up takes to his own taste and style. This practical headdress will give your look sophistication and individuality. Who once started to wear bears, will not be able to refuse him. The form of a beret can be changed, improved, updated, with only a little effort. Today we will reveal the secret of how to properly beat off takes at home, using simple methods and devices.

    Methods to beat off takes

    • First, we take moisturize, then put on a table or stool and begin to beat on the edge with any object like a hammer, so that it becomes sharp, like an arrow on the pants.
    • Slightly dampened beret we dress on a palm, we straighten the edging with a reinforced movements. Recommended for wetting sugar solution, which will give the product rigidity,it will keep its shape longer and you will forget for a long time. The only drawback of this method is to try not to fall under the rain.
    • The most primitive and quick answer to the question - How to beat off takes? The edges of the abundantly moistened beret, as long as possible we rub along the seam with ordinary finger movements. The left side of the band is gently stretched with your hands so as not to break. After that, we take the wetted a second time and when the water runs out, put it on the head, where he gets the necessary form. If you do not understand how to beat off beret, videos posted on the Internet clearly demonstrate that everyone can solve this problem.
    • He takes it wet in warm water, we wait for the excess liquid to run away, then we put paper in the inner part, we give the beret the necessary form, using different clips, hairpins, clothespins and other handy materials. We postpone the product until drying, pick up the filler and try on it. If the desired result is not achieved, it is worthwhile to learn in more detail how to beat off the beret, the photo instructions will give an opportunity to see what should happen as a result of carrying out simple manipulations.

    Now you know how to beat off beret.

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