• How to be open?

    After a few minutes of communication with a stranger, each person can generally say whether this person is pleasant to him or not. This is called a first impression. Likewise, your partner can conclude about you. And, probably, you noticed that some people draw themselves to them, they are open and pleasant in communication. Others simply do not want to address even the most insignificant issue. Why is this happening? How to be an open person, to which people are drawn?

    How to be open: attract people to yourself

    An open person attracts others. There are some simple ways that can make you more attractive and open in the eyes of others.

    1. Smile. It would seem the simplest thing that anyone can do. Be positive and benevolent. In communication with any person - smile: to friends, relatives, mischievous neighbor and a grumpy shop assistant. Believe me, this simple way is capable of a lot, try it.
    2. Initiative. We remember about a smile and continue to develop. How to become an open person? Practice communicating! Do not avoid situations of interaction with people.It is not necessary to throw at each oncoming, start gradually. Soon you will understand that it is given to you easily (do not forget to smile). Say hello to your neighbor, say hello to the store, thank the driver of the minibus (and don't forget to say thank you at all), ask the passerby for some time. Try to record your progress. How many times did you say hello, said thank you (not to my mother for lunch), asked for time, etc. Write down, put a plan to increase and complicate your contacts with others. And be sure to praise yourself in the end for your achievements.
    3. Naturalness Want to be an open person - do not play roles. Be yourself, do not try to resemble someone or depict someone. In natural behavior, you can not lose, because it is not a game.
    4. Listening skills. If you are afraid that you will not find a topic for conversation, remember one feature of people - most often people like to talk about themselves. Talk about your interlocutor. His answers can guide your further conversation. The ability to listen (not to interrupt and show sincere interest) is one of the winning features of attractive people. Others always like being interested in them.People feel their importance, which means you give them positive emotions, i.e. like you
    5. Attention. In addition to the ability to simply listen to a person, you must show him that you are not indifferent to what he says. Show attention to the person, his mood, condition. No need to be intrusive, but do not be afraid to offer assistance. Notice what others like what they like. Can your colleague have a sweet tooth? Bring him some sweets for tea. See that a woman with a stroller can't go to the store? Hold the door and smile. Do for others and then people will strive to do for you.
    6. Your faults. Does it seem to you that your flaws stick out so that apart from them you can see nothing? In communication with strangers (and friends too), you feel like a caricature, where all your minuses are exaggerated at times? Calm down. This is not true. There are drawbacks at all. Each (and your interlocutor, too) has its drawbacks. Your shortcomings are important specifically for you, but for others they are absolutely indifferent, he has something to think about besides them. Love yourself with all your features. How can others love you if you yourself cannot?

    Opening up to others correctly: important points of communication

    Psychologists talk about the presence of some points that need to be observed in the process of communication. They will help to endear a person.

    • Eye contact. When you talk to someone, look into his eyes. Do not forget this rule even at home. Do not talk to family from another room or standing back. Eye contact indicates that you are listening to a person, that your attention belongs to him.
    • The confirmation. To show the person that you are interested, confirm this. Nod your head, crush, do not interrupt.
    • Keep the conversation up with questions. Perhaps there will be a pause - ask a question about what was said.
    • Mirror Try unobtrusively to copy your interlocutor: his posture, position, his mood, facial expressions. Show that you are in solidarity with him, that you feel his condition.

    To be an open person, it is necessary that people begin to consider you as such. A simple conclusion follows - try for the people. Do them nice things, smile, be benevolent and initiative. People like to be taken care of - do it.

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