• How to be invisible VKontakte?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    May 24, 2012
    How to be invisible VKontakte?

    One of the most popular social networks is VKontakte. Over 35 million users visit it daily, which is a record for Russian-speaking resources. Many of them are interested in the question of how to be invisible on VKontakte, especially when you really need to pretend that you are not on the site.

    Alas, despite the fact that many functions are implemented in this network, it is impossible to become “invisible” through the user interface. According to legend, VKontakte has many "loopholes", using which you can "deceive" the system. Far from it: the developers of the social network are constantly improving it. Perhaps some of these "loopholes" worked some time ago, but now they are no longer relevant. Thus, to become invisible VKontakte is generally impossible.

    There are several tricks with which you can supposedly "deceive" the system. For example, the simplest option is to go to the section with personal messages and leave it open for a quarter of an hour.At this time, nothing on VKontakte needs to be done, in other words, you don’t show your worth. After 15 minutes, there will be a timeout for waiting, and you will allegedly be “lost” by the system. Then you can freely use the network, most importantly, do not go to your or someone else's page, otherwise you will become "visible." Unfortunately, this method does not work.

    Some scammers offer to download questionable programs under the pretext that they are supposedly capable of making you VKontakte invisible. Do not believe it at all: most often, logins and passwords are stolen or extorted money. You will never get the desired result because the network is properly protected.

    The question of how to be invisible VKontakte worries the users of this social resource. Many of them fall into the hands of fraudsters. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, follow the rules below.

    Never send letters with your personal data to unfamiliar addresses. Do not open suspicious messages that have come to your mailbox, do not click on the external links contained in them, and, moreover, do not download the files attached to them. Perhaps the scammers sent a malicious script along with the letter.Be careful and do not be tempted by suggestions to improve your account or to gain any abilities that are not available to other users. Watch out for logging in exclusively from the address vk.com, and not other suspicious network addresses: often false sites are created for stealing passwords.

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