• How to be baptized Orthodox?

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    November 15, 2011
    How to be baptized Orthodox?

    When you come to church, you will notice that many of the parishioners are baptized completely wrong. Someone is waving his arms in different directions, someone is collecting all his fingers in a pinch, and someone does not reach the abdomen at all. What does this small religious rite mean for an Orthodox person, how to carry it out correctly?

    What does the sign of the cross

    In Christianity, this prayer gesture personifies the cross of the Lord. Three fingers put together mean faith in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, that is, the All-Trinity. And the fingers of the palm express the two natures of the Son of God: the Divine and the human. Thus, the Orthodox attracts Divine grace.

    How to be baptized Orthodox

    All orthodox people use the three-feathers, and the priests, blessing, put their fingers into the syllable text. For tperspies, the Orthodox should put the thumb, index and middle fingers of his right hand together,and two other fingers - bend to the palm. Thus, the Christian touches the forehead, then the upper abdomen, the right shoulder, the left shoulder. You only need to be baptized with your right hand in that order.

    How to bother Orthodox

    If a person performs the sign of the cross outside public worship, then he must say at this time: "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen."

    Why is it necessary to be baptized from right to left, that is, to bring the right hand first to the right shoulder and only then to the left? The right shoulder symbolizes the place of the saved, and the left - the place of the perishing. On the right, there is a paradise with rescued souls and angels, and on the left, purgatory and hell for sinners and demons. It turns out that when an Orthodox person is baptized, he asks the Lord to rank him as the fate of the saved and save him from the fate of the lost. Thus, a Christian tries to protect himself by uttering prayers, turning to God, going to the temple and leaving it, attending the service.

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