• How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom?

    Many newcomers sometimes face such a seemingly insignificant problem as the placement of furniture. Sometimes this, simple at first glance, action becomes an unsolvable task - all furniture categorically does not want to fit in a given space and you have to change places again and again hoping to get the desired result. In fact, it is not so difficult to arrange the furniture in the bedroom, it is enough to know a few basic rules for the design and planning of living rooms. The main thing is not to be too zealous to get down to business and begin to rearrange a heavy bed from corner to corner with enthusiasm. You will quickly get tired and regret your venture. Arrangement of furniture in the bedroom requires some advance preparation.

    Arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

    Choosing the necessary furniture

    First of all, decide what minimum of furniture you need in your bedroom. Designers do not recommend cluttering up the bedroom. The more free living space remains in the bedroom, the cozier and more comfortable you will feel in it.The average list of pieces of furniture that are really needed in each bedroom is as follows:

    • Bed - it occupies the main place in the room and is installed first. All other pieces of furniture are placed depending on its location.
    • Bedside cabinets are indispensable for storing a mass of useful small things that you may need at bedtime or after a morning awakening.
    • Ottoman or banquet - most often they are placed at the foot of the bed or near the dressing table.
    • Wardrobe - necessary for storing clothes. Usually a large mirror is mounted on its doors, which is also needed in each bedroom.

    Furniture in the bedroom with workplace

    If space permits in the bedroom, you can also install a dressing table, chest of drawers for storing clothes and a lounge chair. After you have finally decided on the amount of furniture you need, you can proceed to the next stage - planning.

    Make a plan

    Before you arrange the furniture in the bedroom, you need to make a detailed plan of your room. To do this you will need a large sheet of paper, a ruler, a pencil and a tape measure.Schematically, a rectangle, mark on the paper the area of ​​the room. Mark its length and width. Mark on the plan the location of windows, doors, outlets and switches, do not forget to note the radius of the door opening. After all the measurements have been carried out, and the bedroom plan is ready, we begin to “virtually” arrange the furniture.

    Arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

    Photos of all kinds of sleeping interiors made in different styles, starting with ethnic and ending with “hi-tech”, are presented in abundance on the Internet. Therefore, we present only the general principles of furniture arrangement, not dependent on the decor.

    • Bed set first. A double bed can be placed with a headboard against the wall, necessarily leaving a passage of at least 70 cm on both sides. Sometimes it is more appropriate angular location of the head, in this case, the bed is placed on the diagonal of the room. A single bed is most often placed against the wall by its long side.
    • The wardrobe is the second largest and largest piece of furniture. It is established after the place for a bed is chosen. The choice of location for it mainly depends on the shape and size of the room.
    • Bedside tables must be placed at the head of the bed.

    All other pieces of furniture are placed in the remaining places only after the installation of the bed, the wardrobe and the pedestals. There are no special rules for their placement, everything is determined only by convenience and functionality.

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