• How to allocate a share of the house

    You will need
    • Proof of ownership of the share of the house
    • Technical passport at home
    • House section design
    Agree with the remaining equity owners regarding the actual section.at home. The main requirement is your partat home�must have its own way out, and the partitions between its separate parts must be deaf.
    Spend the actual sectionat home. You may need to redevelop the premises, erect partitions, install additional doors, or, conversely, eliminate windows.
    Call the BTI to register the changes, and then order a draft of the real section in the BTIat homeIn which it will be indicated which of the owners owns a certain part.
    Sign the notary agreement of the real sectionat home. The presence of all owners is required.
    Receive in BTI a separate technical and cadastral passport for each of the allocated sharesat home.
    Contact the Federal Registration Service for registration of ownership of the allocated shares.at home�with a full package of documents received - technical passport, part cadastral planat home, a contract signed by a notary.
    A month later, take the documents from the Fed. Now you can let communication down in your halfat home, issue a permit for the construction of an extension, as well as, if necessary, engage in the division of land.
    Offer from our partner
    Prior to registration of ownership of the share no capital changes in the house can be done. That is, you can not, for example, start building an extension.
    Helpful advice
    Try to resolve the issue of partitioning the house peacefully. Even if the rest of the owners of your house do not want to engage in the allocation of shares, you can resolve this issue in court, but it is likely that the process will take a long time.

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