• How to add bots to a cop?

    Igor Gorbatyuk
    Igor Gorbatyuk
    December 24, 2012
    How to add bots to a cop?

    This article will be interesting to anyone who has just recently installed the cult game Counter-Strike on their computer. If you do not want to play on the network with real people, but want to practice with the computer, then you will probably be interested in how to add bots to the COP. After all, you can configure not only the number of bots, but also their level of intelligence. How? Read below.

    Instructions: how to add bots to CS

    First you start the game, then in the console (the button ) you start entering the following commands:

    • bot_add - a bot is created that is not tied to a specific command;
    • bot_add_t - a bot is created that will be included in the terrorist team;
    • bot_add_ct - a bot is created, which, accordingly, will be a member of the counter-terrorism team.

    After each command, do not forget to press "Enter". Entering each of the commands will add one bot.

    You can, of course, add bots to KS 1.6 without resorting to console commands. However, this method does not work with all versions of the game. Try, after starting the game, press the "H" key on the keyboard.At this moment, a menu should appear with a function that is called “Add bots”. Choose this line and follow the instructions.

    Now let's talk about some problems with bots. These problems are very common. For example, you want to independently fight a whole team of twenty bots. If you expose them, as described above, the opponents can automatically join you in the team. To rule out this development, write the following to the console:

    • mp_limitteams 20 - this line expands the team to twenty participants (if you need not 20 but 25 bots, then write mp_limitteams 25 and so on;
    • mp_autoteambalance 0 - this command disables the balance. You do not allow the program to automatically add new bots to the team with fewer players.

    Here the problem is solved. Now let's talk about what to do if you are tired of constantly opening the console and entering the above commands there. The following will help you:

    • bot_quota 19 - this command will automatically add the required number of bots to the game of the COP. The number you enter at the end (in this case, 19) will determine how many bots will be added.

    If it seems to you that the bots in the game obviously do not sparkle with intelligence, then open the console and type this command:

    • bot_difficulty 1

    The number at the very end of this command is an indicator of artificial intelligence. 0 - the weakest bots, 1- bots that can compete with a novice player, 2 - strong enough bots, 3 - bots, like killer cars, which not everyone can kill.

    We hope that our instructions on how to add bots to the CC helped you.

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