• How to activate Kaspersky?

    Modern man can not imagine his life without a computer. Someone is forced to sit for hours in front of the monitor on duty, someone does not even think about a day without social networks, and someone just likes to play online-games. Work and entertainment will not work without access to the Internet. However, it is there for the computer that “lives” the biggest danger - infection with viruses. There are many different antivirus programs that can neutralize the virus in a timely manner and provide system treatment with minimal file damage. Each user has his own priorities in choosing a computer protection system, but one of the most popular programs is Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Just buy such a licensed program a little, the important question remains how to activate Kaspersky, and then how to update it. The number of viruses in the network is constantly growing, and if you do not carry out the update, the protection will be reliable, effective only against old viruses, while the new ones will easily penetrate the computer and destroy files.

    To get started, you need a special key, there are a lot of illegal options on the Internet, but when installing them, it’s very easy to get into the so-called “black list” of users. It is better if the key is licensed, however, in this case it will be paid, you can buy it in a specialized store. There are many pirated versions on the Internet, and if you wish, you can still try to install them.

    How to activate the Kaspersky key?

    On the taskbar there is a special red icon in the shape of the letter “K”, it is necessary to click on it with the left mouse button. A window will appear, there you should find the word "license" and click once. If there were no previously installed keys, a message will appear that the license was not found. If the keys were previously, then you need to get rid of them by pressing the "Delete" button. The path is clear. To call the license activation window, click “Activate application”, then go to the message “Activate using a key”. Further, a problem will arise: how to activate Kaspersky Anti-Virus with a key previously downloaded to the computer.A window will appear with the ability to browse the files, where you should choose the path to the new key. The next step is to check if the program is working or not. If it is not on the “black list”, it has not expired yet, then the word “activation” will become working, and by clicking on it, you will complete the activation. For some, new updates of the review window are not provided. In this case, in a specially highlighted window, you just need to register the license number. Letters are entered on the English keyboard layout. You may be asked to identify the user, you will need to enter your e-mail and country of residence in special fields, but this is usually not necessary.

    In addition to the constant activation, there is a so-called trial. How to activate trial version of Kaspersky? First you need to understand why it was invented at all. Its main task is to convince the user to abandon the previously used antivirus program and give preference to Kaspersky. Usually the trial option is free. In the activation window, you must select the pointer "Activate trial version" and then enter the resulting code. The procedure for testing and installation is standard.

    Now you know how to activate Kaspersky. We hope that our advice will be useful for you.

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