• How to accelerate the growth of the beard?

    Not many know how to accelerate the growth of the beard. Meanwhile, there are several proven tools that can effectively influence such a process. They are discussed further.

    How to accelerate the growth of the beard: the main ways

    In order for the beard growth stage to proceed more actively, the following main methods should be used:

    • Provide regular and proper skin care. Dead cells should not be present on its surface, and the pores should be open. To do this, you need to treat your face with steam. In addition, it should be in 1-2 days applied to the face scrubs. You can take ready-made, which are offered in stores. You can also make them yourself. For this, ground coffee is taken and mixed with a small amount of gel for washing. The finished product is massaged with movements on the face. Also, the skin must always be clean and moisturized. For this you need to use special lotions and creams.
    • Do a facial massage. It will provide blood flow to the hair follicles, which will lead to more active hair growth.It is better to massage with burdock, almond or campfire oil. Then the result will not take long.
    • Use a special tool for growing beards. In the role of it can be one of these drugs: "Monoksidil", "Rogain" or "Regeyn". They have no contraindications, they do not contain hormones and dyes. At the same time, such drugs have an active effect, which positively affects the growth of hair on the man’s face.

    How to accelerate the growth of the beard: additional ways

    Along with the main ways, you should definitely take advantage of additional. After all, then it will be possible to significantly accelerate the growth of the beard:

    • Redefine your diet as a lack of a number of minerals and vitamins slows hair growth. So, in the diet should be present dairy and fish products, meat, vegetables, cereals and fruits. After all, they contain the following vitamins and minerals: B3, B5, B6, B12, A, E, C, D, H, iron. They are responsible for active hair growth.
    • Minimize stressful situations and nervous tension. Because because of them, hair growth slows down, and also they become very brittle. Resist stress will help exercise and breathing exercises.
    • Drink more pure water, because from a lack of fluid in the body, hair growth slows down dramatically.
    • Avoid alcohol and smoking, because they reduce the production of testosterone, and it affects the growth of facial hair.
    • Sleep at least 8 hours a day. It is necessary to go to bed until 10 o'clock in the evening, while getting up - until 9 o'clock. Since then the biorhythms of the body will not be violated, and this will positively affect the growth of the beard.
    • Start making hot and cold compresses for the face. They stimulate hair growth, and also have a favorable effect on the skin condition. To carry out such procedures need morning and evening daily.

    Using the above methods, you will be able to grow a long beard in a short time, which will delight you with its density, as well as its attractive appearance.

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