• How profitable to sell a car

    Carry out pre-sale car: repair of minor damages and defects, removal of extraneous noise and knocks. Process the body polish. Clean the interior and wash thoroughly.car. Change engine oil and inflate tires well. Remove the extraneous items from the cabin, empty the trunk and vacuum it.
    Put in order the documents oncar. Check the accuracy of the data and the relevance of the dates specified in the TCP and data sheet. The presence of the service book, in which the dates of passing the vehicle technical inspections are indicated, will be an additional advantage when selling.
    Take high-quality photos of the exterior and interior of the car, representing it in the most favorable light.Place an ad for sale on several websites. Describe all the advantages of your car: the presence of tuned parts or expensive musical equipment.
    Determine for yourself the minimum price for which you agree to sellcar. Remember that the best is the enemy of the good: settle for a sale if the buyer, pointing to any shortcoming of the car, offers a price that is slightly below the minimum. After all, you can not get the best deal.
    Do not rush the buyer, give him enough time for inspection. Perform a test run. To bargain was minimal, once again pay attention of the buyer to the advantages of the car and provide documents about the service. A small bluff will be useful: try to casually mention the existence of other buyers interested in the car.
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