• How profitable to buy luxury perfumes?

    Perfumery - one of those areas in cosmetology, where quality and price are directly proportional to each other. The refined and sophisticated fragrance created by the perfumery genius will make a woman irresistible, and it’s impossible to copy the wizard’s work. As a rule, these are perfumes from the elite price range. Cheap compositions, including copies, are more rude and sharply fragrant bouquet, quickly disappear, and in case of poor-quality production can cause an allergic reaction.

    CastingA woman who uses perfume wants to be refined and attractive, but not everyone can afford elite perfumery because of the high cost. And if after some time, the expensive smell disarms or does not fit at all? So that all who wish to be able to afford a good perfume, were cast by casting.

    What is casting?

    CastingCasting is a branded perfume, poured from a large original bottle into new small bubbles.To do this, use atomizers, which are purchased in large cosmetic stores, branded perfume boutiques, etc. Thus, you can buy original perfumes at a lower cost, as the volume of the bottle is less.

    The online perfume store Unifive.ru offers a wide selection of such perfumes for women and men. For buyers: perfumes from elite trading houses, vintage fragrances, unisex perfumes and gift sets.

    How are castings different from spears and spirits?

    CastingThe one who first buys castings is interested in the quality of such perfumes. For example, is it not diluted with a worse quality scent, alcohol, or other substances? No, it is not. Expensive and high-quality perfume will not tolerate any extraneous interference. The buyer, choosing the casting agent, can be sure that he gets the original products, simply in a smaller volume and cheaper. Its cost can not be too low, it is calculated based on the volume of the bottle.

    Draft spirits may differ in lower quality, similar compositions are often created on the basis of inexpensive and poorly purified ingredients of poor quality.Copies may be similar in smell to the original, but will not fully comply with it. They sound worse on the skin, have a coarser odor and disappear faster.

    Thanks to the spirits in atomizers, everyone can familiarize themselves with any flavor, even very expensive. "Unifive" offers 100% original castings of selective perfumery. Here you can buy one or more different flavors, collect your collection of elite compositions.

    The advantages of casting

    • CastingEach casts - it is 100% original products.
    • High quality at lower cost.
    • The opportunity to get acquainted with the new smell in practice, without spending a lot of money. This is especially useful when it is not possible to evaluate the fragrance of interest "live". If attracted the description, advertising and composition of the composition, you can order a small casting.
    • Help in determining the main flavor. Many, creating their image and style, are looking for "their" smell, which could become a kind of business card image. Using small bubbles, in a short time you can evaluate different options. If any of them fit, you can already buy a whole bottle.
    • You can create a collection of your favorite fragrances without large cash costs and then enjoy using them one by one. For example, an atomizer with a volume of 10 ml. will be enough for monthly use with daily use.
    • Atomizers compact in contrast to large bottles. You can take your favorite scent anywhere with you and easily use it.

    If you understand, appreciate and love truly high-quality perfumes, castings will become your helpers in the perfumery world. Use high-quality aromas and be beautiful!

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