• How often should I refill the printer?

    I have a Phillips laser printer, the last time the printed text has become a pale gray, is it a problem with the printer or is the powder running out? What to do, fill up? Where can?
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    Answered on March 8 13:49
    It is likely that ends or you set the option to save ink (powder) in the settings. Look in the print settings. My printer has this feature. The text is pale coming out.
    Uneven Inga
    Uneven Inga
    Answered on March 8 13:56
    Besides the fact that the text may become paler when the powder ends, it may still not print the text in a stripe, for example, in the center. Remove the cartridge and shake it just do not turn it horizontally parallel to the table hold. Not for long
    Answered on March 8, 14:11
    Laser printers should be handled with care Do not allow the powder to dry in the cartridge. This can occur when the powder is very small. Better to refuel it early. Where are you? For example, there is refilling cartridges in Mytishchi. If it suits you, take a look.

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