• How Natalee, Dubtsova and other stars lost weight by summer

    On the beach, the main and often the only item of clothing is a swimsuit. A beautiful swimsuit would be nice to accompany more and beautiful body. How do stars solve this problem?

    Singer Natalie: Believe that you are beautiful

    - I don’t stick to any diets, for me this is unacceptable. Due to any restrictions, the mood deteriorates. It is necessary to listen and hear your body. In food I am unpretentious. For many years I have not eaten meat, and not because I am a convinced vegetarian, I simply don’t like it. Once a week I can eat a piece of chicken, but mostly in the diet - fish and seafood. I love sushi. I can eat one vegetable dish and get enough.

    In the summer, the most important thing is not to forget that the sun ages the skin. On vacation for many years I take a beach bag with a whole arsenal of sunscreens, literally for every part of the body - the strongest - on the face, a little weaker - on the neck, then - on the chest and so on. When we arrive at the beach, everyone rushes into the water, and I sit down and start painstakingly smearing myself; everyone has time to swimtwo times, and I'm still sitting. I teach to creams and sons. And her husband began to allow him to smear his back after being badly burned.

    We have a good tradition: every year we (no, do not go to the bath), and we are going to the whole family - with moms, dads, sister, husbands, children, and leave to relax. One of these days we will fly to Greece. It is also a reason to sit together at a large table. In Moscow, with my busy schedule, it is often not possible to meet. We are going to a merry company - I have two boys, my sister Olesya has two sons and a little daughter.

    Rest for me - to lie "vegetable" on the beach in a lounge chair, and next to the blue sea splashes. I love all inclusive, because there is both children's animation and attractions. While the sons have fun, I do not do anything. If it were not for the children, I would not leave the hotel at all.

    On vacation I don’t like to carry 33 suitcases with me, I take a minimum of things - a couple of dresses for the evening, but I often wear shorts and a t-shirt. And also - comfortable shoes (sneakers or sneakers for yourself, husband and sons). When you go on a tour, your legs should be comfortable. I have a favorite pair of sneakers, which I don’t part with.

    For a swimsuit never specifically went to the store. I go for a coat or dress, and buy it on occasion, because I liked it.If the swimsuit is separate, the main thing for me is that there should be a comfortable upper part; I do not like thongs, I am a supporter of the classic options, but I can afford mad colors. I have a one-piece swimsuit, I call it “salute spray”. Saw from a distance on the counter, came over and bought. Very cheerful. And still cherish the old, turquoise color. He began to fade, but I can not part with it, so comfortable. I think that's something that he brightened, it's time to throw out. And then: oh well, in Greece I still swim in it.

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