• How much does a guitar cost?

    One of the most common instruments is the guitar. This is not surprising - you can always take it with you, it does not take up much space at home, you can learn to accompany the guitar in just a few months. When choosing a tool, one has to focus on personal subjective feelings, class, type of guitar and, of course, cost. You will learn about how much a guitar costs from our article.

    Best place to shop

    You can acquire your own guitar in various ways: buy at a record store, buy a used ad, or make a purchase online. The most reliable, but at the same time expensive way, is music stores. When choosing a guitar, you can test different models and pick one that fits well in your hands and sounds beautiful. And these are the leading criteria that you need to focus on when choosing a tool. All of this you are deprived of buying an instrument through the Internet. Buying a guitar "from the hands" is possible only if you are familiar with the instruments. Then you can adequately assess her condition.

    Acoustic guitar

    Guitars are different.They differ not only in appearance, sound and cost, but also in class. What many people call an ordinary guitar is an acoustic guitar or "acoustics". But even it can be different: six, seven and twelve-string. Classical called six-stringed guitar.

    For a beginner, you can buy a guitar for 70-240 euros. There are cheaper models, but, as a rule, their quality leaves much to be desired. Saving 20-25 euros (maximum), you risk getting a guitar, suitable only for interior decoration.

    From manufacturers of economy class guitars we advise you to pay attention to guitars Colombo (from 65 euros), Martinez (from 85 euros), Hohner and Yamaha (from 100 euros), Strunal (from 110 euros).

    If we talk about a particular brand, then for beginners one of the most ideal options are HOHNER guitars. Their low cost is explained by the country of the manufacturer - China. But unlike their compatriot instruments, HOHNER guitars are made according to German quality standards. Therefore, despite the low cost, these instruments have excellent sound. Now it is possible to pick up the tool of this manufacturer from 65 euros. Brand HC-6 at the time was recognized as the best guitar in its class and price category.

    Of course, there are much more expensive brands.For a long time, Fender and Gibson were considered the best guitar manufacturers. Their tools are now recognized as one of the best, which, of course, is reflected in the cost. Of course, today they have more economical models (from 110 euros). But the same Fender or Gibson, which is appreciated by knowledgeable people, starts from the price range of 190-200 euros for the basic models. Now a huge number of other equally high-quality brands Ashtone, Cort, ESP, Ibanez, Jackson, Martinez, Phill Pro, PRS, Swing, Tokai have appeared on the market. Their cost fits into the same price category.

    Bass guitars

    Low-pitched guitars belong to bass guitars. They differ from others not only in sound, but also in the number of strings. Most of them have 4 strings, less often - 5 and very rarely - 6. But despite the smaller number of strings, they are much more expensive than acoustics. Even the most unpretentious model of Chinese production will cost you 100 or more euros. And those tools that are worth a closer look, are even more expensive.

    For a beginner, the Jay Turser JTB402 TSB guitar will be a good choice, its price in different stores starts from 130 euros. A much more expensive instrument (from 260 euros) is already a guitar, with which beginners and even groups that are already known to some extent. This class includes the Aria IGB-68 tool.But this is far from a “ceiling” even for non-collection models. If you want to become the owner of the Fender ROAD WORN 50's P-BASS FRD guitar, then you will have to set aside a minimum of 1,350 euros.

    Electric guitars

    The most expensive option is electric guitars. After all, in addition to the tool, you will have to purchase additional equipment, without which you can not do (combo amplifier, gadgets). Even if you decide to save and will consider the option of used devices, investing even 200 euros will not be easy.

    The tool itself can be purchased for 100 euros or less. But this is a very unfortunate option, which you should only agree on as a last resort, when you can’t afford anything else. In this case, choose, basically, in appearance. Other indicators can not even be considered, all models are almost identical in their musical "stuffing". Cort or Parksons brand instruments sound a little better than their competitors, but the Phip Pro guitars are better off.

    Guitars for beginners are in the range of 100-250 euros. These are mostly Chinese brands, but of decent quality. Wood is used for the production of the body of such guitars, but not for a chipboard, as for cheaper ones, which favorably affects their sound.From manufacturers, we can recommend the production model Epiphone, Ibanez, LTD, Squier. Decent models of these manufacturers start from 120-140 euros.

    Tools that cost more than 250 euros are semi-professional models. You should stare at them if you probably decided to link your near future with this tool.

    Handmade Guitars

    Worldwide, there are workshops that manufacture custom tools. The cost of such a guitar largely depends on the country of the manufacturer, the material of the instrument and, of course, the name of the master. For example, a guitar in the domestic workshop “Savelev” costs from 170 euros. But for the instrument production Hanika (Germany) will have to pay from 600 euros.

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