• How many children does Putin have?

    Irina Fateeva
    Irina Fateeva
    February 18, 2013
    How many children does Putin have?

    Very often, Russian citizens are concerned about the question of how many children Putin has. Officially, President Putin of Russia has two daughters. Vladimir Vladimirovich married in July 1983 on Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Putin. Already in 1985, their eldest daughter, Maria, was born. The girl was born in Leningrad. Her sister Catherine, was born in 1986 in Dresden. After finishing school, the girls continued their studies at St. Petersburg State University. The eldest entered the biology and soil faculty, and the youngest - in the oriental faculty.

    The president is very careful that no one dares to violate the privacy of his daughters. That is why nowhere on the Web will it be possible to find even one photo in which the faces of Putin’s sisters would be visible.

    At the moment, the president’s daughters have left their homeland and live abroad.

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