• How many calories in a chop?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    March 26, 2015
    How many calories in a chop?

    Who does not like to eat a burglar? It’s probably hard to find such a person. Every good housewife has a signature recipe for meatballs, which is loved by the household. But is it possible to abuse this delicacy?

    Let's see how many calories in different types of meatballs.

    Approximate calorie content of different types of patties (per 100 grams)

    • chicken - 220 kcal;
    • beef - 260 kcal;
    • pork - 320 kcal;
    • calf - 350 kcal;
    • lamb - 380 kcal;
    • from cod - 164 kcal;
    • turkey - 220 kcal.

    So, the most gentle for the figure are chicken, turkey and cod cutlets. At the same time, it is worth noting that turkey meat is considered dietary. In addition, it is very gentle and contains a lot of vitamins of groups A, B, E, PP and minerals - potassium, calcium, cobalt, molybdenum, magnesium, chromium, sodium, copper, phosphorus, zinc, chlorine, iron, sulfur, etc. .

    Tip! It is better not to fry the cutlets, but bake in the oven, it will be just as tasty, but you will not need a lot of butter, and the result will be a healthier and less high-calorie product.

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