• How long is the Great Wall of China

    Great Wall function

    Construction of the first sections of this grand object began in the period of the Warring States in the III century BC. er The Great Wall of China was supposed to protect the subjects of the Empire from nomadic tribes, who often attacked settlements that were developing in the center of China. Another function of this grandiose object was to clearly fix the boundaries of the Chinese state and help create a single empire, which before these events was composed of many conquered kingdoms.

    Construction of the Great Wall of China

    The Great Wall of China was built fairly quickly - within 10 years. In many ways, this contributed to the cruelty of the then ruling Qin Shi Huang. For its construction, nearly half a million people were involved, most of whom died at the foot of this object from hard work and exhaustion. These were mostly soldiers, slaves, and landowners.
    As a result of the construction, the Great Wall of China stretched for 4,000 km and guard towers were installed on it every 200 meters. Two centuries later, the wall was expanded to the west, as well as deep into the desert, to protect the caravans from the nomads.
    Over time, this structure lost its strategic purpose, the wall was no longer engaged, which contributed to its destruction. The second life of the Great Wall of China was presented by the rulers of the Ming dynasty, who were in power from 1368 to 1644. It was in their times that the grandiose construction work on the restoration and expansion of the Great Wall of China began again.
    As a result, it stretched from the Liaodong Bay to the Gobi Desert. Its length was 8852 km, including all branches. The average height at that time reached 9 meters, and the width varied from 4 to 5 meters.

    The current state of the Great Wall of China

    Today, only about 8% of the Great Wall of China retained their original appearance, which was given to them during the Ming dynasty. Their height reaches 7-8 meters. Many sites have not been able to survive to this day, and most of the remaining wall today is destroyed due to weather conditions, acts of vandalism, the construction of various roads and other objects.Some sites are subject to active erosion due to improper farming in the 50s – 90s of the last century.
    Nevertheless, since 1984 a program has been launched to restore this important cultural and historical structure of the highest level. After all, the Great Wall of China is still an architectural monument and a place of mass pilgrimage for tourists from around the world.

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