• How long can you stay on sick leave?

    From time to time we get sick. Then we go to the doctor, we take the sick-list and begin to be treated at home. Many are interested in the question of how much can you be on the hospital. This is what the RF Law says about this.

    Registration and extension of the hospital

    According to the rules, the original attending physician has the right to issue a sick-list for a period not exceeding 10 calendar days. Then, if the patient has not recovered, the doctor may extend the sick leave for another 30 days. These 30 days already include the first term of 10 days. After that, if necessary, the extension of the bulletin should contact the medical board of the medical institution.

    It is also worth knowing and how much you can sit on the hospital as much as possible. The maximum renewal period is 10 months. In some cases, this period can be extended to 12 months. If during this time the employee has not regained his ability to work, then the patient is sent for medical and social examination. It will address the issue of recognizing the patient as disabled and determining the disability group for him.

    Employee dismissal

    If the medico-social examination recognizes the employee as incapable of working or gives a conclusion that the employee needs a transfer to another job that will correspond to his state of health, and the employer will not find a suitable vacancy, in this case, the employee may be fired.

    Sick pay

    Once you know how much you can take sick leave, you should find out how the payment of benefits for temporary disability. The procedure and amount of payment of benefits is determined by federal laws.

    So, if you went to the hospital, then you should get a sick-list. In accordance with this sheet, the employer and will make payment of hospital benefits. If you work at several enterprises at once, you should ask for several sick-lists. This is necessary for presenting them to different organizations.

    At the moment, the employer is obliged to pay the first two days of the hospital. The following days until the end of the hospital is obliged to pay the Social Security Fund. If an employee is injured at work, the payment of the hospital allowance is made by the Social Insurance Fund from the first day of sick leave.

    Already from the moment of presentation of the sick-list to the employer, the employee is entitled to receive hospital benefits. It must be presented immediately on the first day of going to work. When it is not possible to do this, the employee has the right to present it within 6 months.

    Long hospital period

    When the period of sick leave is too long, the employer may pay the allowance in installments. To do this, each time you must submit a sick-list.

    In order to get a hospital allowance for sure, it is necessary not only to know how much you can be on sick leave, but also to be able to correctly draw up a sick-list - a newsletter. It must be filled with ink in hand, as well as indicate the cause of disability and have the signature of the attending physician. The form must contain the correct print. On the front side there should be a rectangular stamp, and when closing the hospital - triangular.

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