• How can knowledge of English make you happier?

    �We have to learn languages. This is the only thing that is well known to know even badly. � This quote belongs to the famous polyglot and translator Kato Lomb. Foreign languages not only train our brain, but also help speed up our career path (especially English), and also make us happier. How? This is what we'll talk about. I am glad that nowadays you can learn the language in any convenient way: education has become more accessible thanks to the Internet. Now no matter where you live, your goals are important, no matter how audacious they may be. Do you want to receive a diploma of a Moscow high school about higher linguistic education remotely? You are welcome! This became real thanks to the Graduate School opened at the University of the History of Culture.Learning environment».

    Much has been written about mobile applications for learning English, language schools and individual classes with a teacher. But not everyone knows about professional English home delivery.And now we will try to restore injustice. All educational communications at the Faculty of Foreign Languages "Learning Environments" are carried out via the Internet. In the learning interface are records of seminars, homework. You really do not need to spend time on trips to study and back. And most importantly: students who have successfully mastered the academic program receive a state diploma. After studying here you will have perfect English. Keep a link to the faculty page:http://lingvo.sredaobuchenia.ru/englishforteachers. Well, now let's look at how knowledge of English can make you happy.

    Foreign languages

    • Physiological pleasure.�The fact is that the activities associated with language, communication, is in the left hemisphere, in the so-called Perisilvius zone. And the activity in it is combined with the challenge of positive emotions. Therefore, when you train language skills in seminars and in real situations, you literally get physiological pleasure.

    • Dreams Come True.�With professional English in the arsenal, it is easier to find a prestigious high-paying job, to travel on non-touristic routes.(English has the status of a state language in more than 60 countries!) and join the world culture without delay (if only because most movie premieres come first in English). And you have long dreamed of singing to your favorite singers, right?

    • +100 points to self-esteem.�Speaking in a foreign language is a wow achievement! How can you not be proud of yourself. This constant understanding that you have achieved something is a serious result. And yes, you are a terrific example to follow, for example, for your children. Such thoughts can not provoke a release of serotonin.

    • Productivity genius?�This is about you. You may have noticed that the feeling of dissatisfaction with life arises against the background of a long list of unfinished business. Regular (and in the �learning environment� everything is exactly this way) English classes make you more organized and less lazy. In addition, language experts are able to quickly switch between tasks, they know how to solve several problems simultaneously.

    Are you still here? :) Rather, start classes!

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