• How interesting to spend the May holidays?

    Probably, in our country it is difficult to find such a person who would not like the May holidays: the time when spring finally comes into its own full swing, everything is blooming and the earth is covered with a rich carpet of green grass and wild flowers. It was during the May holidays that we used to relax: in all the institutions of the country, state holidays are announced, which last several days, which makes it interesting to plan your own holidays.

    What do we celebrate during this period? The first number is the Day of Solidarity of Workers, after which they usually give another day off, and the Day of Victory, which is celebrated on May 9 in our country, is usually characterized by several days off.

    In fact, such a good concentration of the weekend is an excellent opportunity for all workers and students to take a good rest, take a breath before new “jerks” and even, perhaps, go on a short journey if there is no such possibility in another period of time.

    Everyone plans their vacation on the May holidays in different ways: for someone it is a long-awaited opportunity to work at the dacha, dig in the beds and plant potatoes or cucumbers. And someone is happy to go on the first spring picnics - to the sea, lake or river, but always somewhere on the nature, because after a long winter we so yearned for fresh air, foliage, gentle sunshine and flowering trees.

    There are those who are tired of the daily hassle and rapid pace of life, with great pleasure just to stay at home - invite friends or relax while watching your favorite movies or reading an interesting book. Still, passive rest on the May holidays is a rarity, almost everyone wants some kind of activity, action and, of course, positive emotions! Where can I get them during this period? Let's figure it out.

    When can I plan a vacation?

    For a start, it is important to figure out how long the spring holidays in Russia last? Each year, the number of days off varies, depending on which days of the week holiday dates fall.

    In 2016, the weekend falls on April 30-May 3, then three working days,and from May 7 to the 9th - again rest! So you can plan holidays for 2 times, or, if given the opportunity, take a little vacation and relax immediately for 11 days in a row.

    Where to go and what to do?

    If you are tired of banal kebabs in nature or scuffling in the country, then you can look in the direction of more entertaining options for spring mini-vacation.

    For example, to go to the sea - at the beginning of May, many travel companies offer very attractive offers to the countries of the sea abroad - for example, Turkey, where it is already quite warm, but not as hot as it happens in the peak summer period, Egypt or Tunisia. the most popular and accessible areas.

    Just imagine - before the beginning of summer, when you are still pale and tired after winter, you will come back with a beautiful golden tan and a blooming look!

    If the sea does not deceive you, and the possibilities allow, you can always go on sightseeing tours of the best cities in Europe, for example, to Prague, Athens, Rome or Paris - the choice is yours. A big plus of such trips lies precisely in the fact that in this period in the world capitals it is still not very hot, you can safely bypass all the main attractions without sweating and not suffering from a burnt face.

    On the other hand, this is the time when most of the tourists become active, and this means that the influx of people who want to see the same beauties that you have planned and will increase. In addition, it is not difficult to guess that it is on the May holidays that the price of vouchers may increase, and the number of empty seats - greatly reduced.

    Where to go if abroad is not the best option in your case? Go on a trip to Russia, because here the choice of beautiful and interesting places for recreation is simply huge, and we always forget about it! In the vastness of our great country there are real pearls of the Earth, of which we only know by hearsay, is it not time to see them with our own eyes? What are we talking about?

    For example, the most beautiful and impressive Altai, a great place for those who are wild about nature, romance and mountain range. In the wildest places you have to get on foot, sometimes spending the night in a tent, but, believe me, it's really worth it!

    The season here, just the same, begins in May: it is during this period that the real spring opens up in the mountains, the waterfalls are gaining their full power, conquering a few travelers.

    Another option is to finally see with your own eyes Lake Baikal - a unique lake, which for many still remains a “sea”. Local landscapes, smooth blue water surface, as well as blossoming snowdrops create their own special color. Here you can visit the famous Cape Burkhan, as well as visit the spicy Olkhon, which is called a real "shaman" place.

    And, of course, do not forget about the famous “Golden Ring”, where for several days you can admire the majestic temples, golden domes of churches and monasteries, as well as unique belfries. You see how much more can be seen in the open spaces of our country, and this is not to mention such “banal” directions as Sochi, Moscow or St. Petersburg!

    Plan your vacation in advance and with pleasure, and then the next May holidays will leave a really bright trace in your memory for you and your whole family.

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