• How fungal diseases are transmitted

    What are the ways of fungal disease transmission? The transfer of fungal diseases occurs by contact. Fungi are resistant to low temperatures, do not die, even if they are frozen. But high temperatures are destructive for them. Therefore, the easiest and most effective way to get rid of fungi is boiling or dry heating to a temperature of 100 ° C.
    Ideal conditions for their rapid reproduction - a warm and humid environment. That is why the greatest chance of being infected with a fungus in visitors to shared baths, pools, showers. It is not by chance that one of the most common fungal diseases is foot mycosis. The affected area covers the human foot, can spread to the nails.
    Another common fungal disease is keratomycosis. You can catch it on the beaches, in the gyms, if you lie on a chaise lounge or a sports bench, where an infected person lay before, as well as using common bedding and a towel. The disease manifests itself as small brown spots on the skin - usually in the chest and / or back area. But infection can occur with any tactile contact with a sick person, using common household items, dishes, and bedding.
    You can get infected not only from a sick person, but also from an animal. So, for example, microsporia (ringworm) get sick after contact with a sick animal, usually a cat or a dog.
    It should be pointed out that far from always fungal diseases result from the direct contact of a healthy person with an infected person. Many types of fungi are constantly in the body, as if sleeping. With a normal level of immunity, they do not remind of themselves. But if the immunity is reduced as a result of the disease, overwork, nervous overstrain, fungi are activated and cause disease.
    How to treat fungal diseases? There are many fairly effective antifungal drugs, usually in the form of ointments. They are freely, without prescription, sold in pharmacies. But it is better not to self-medicate, but to contact a qualified dermatologist, who after the examination will select the most suitable drug.We must immediately tune in to the fact that the treatment can be long, especially if the disease is running. Along with the use of antifungal agents, it is necessary to take measures to strengthen the immune system.

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