• How easy and simple to make Christmas toys with your own hands

    Magic Christmas toys with their own handsNew Year - a magical holiday for children and adults. Preparation for this holiday is colored tinsel, carnival costumes, a festive menu and, of course, the decoration of the Christmas tree. To your green beauty was the most magical and festive, make Christmas toys with your own hands. You can make beautiful garlands and snowflakes from paper, weave Christmas toys from beads and even tie Christmas decorations. Children will be delighted with this activity. Senior children will be able to independently make Christmas toys with their own hands according to our schemes. Kids can help you decorate the toy.

    Christmas toys from beads

    With your own hands you can make a lot of New Year crafts. If you are engaged in beading, you can easily make a New Year's ball or grandfather frost in the technique of bulk or flat weaving on ready-made schemes. For beginners, there are simpler ways. You can use beads when decorating toys or make simple crafts with the help of wire and glue.You can also make soft Christmas decorations with your own hands and embroider them with beads.

    How to make the most simple Christmas toys with your own hands from beads?

    Magic Christmas toys with their own hands

    To do this you will need:

    • beads of different colors and sizes;
    • wire;
    • glue;
    • colored cardboard and paper;
    • scissors;
    • pencils and markers, ruler;
    • sparkles.

    Even a child will be able to make Christmas toys from beads with their own hands according to simple schemes. Help your son or daughter to make jewelry and hang it on the Christmas tree.

    Christmas ball of beads and spangles

    1. To make a bright Christmas ball, you need to cut out two identical circles from white cardboard. Circles draw with a simple glass.
    2. A longitudinal section is made on one lap, but not completely. And the circles are connected one to the other. It is possible to fix the circles with glue.
    3. In the ball with a needle or sewing need to make holes on all sides.
    4. A thin wire is threaded into the first hole and tied in a knot, then the beads are strung. When the beads are enough, a knot is made, and the wire is passed through the second hole, and so on. At the end there should be a ball randomly entwined with bead threads.
    5. Important point: to make the product durable and not torn, use durable cardboard. It is better to cut 4 circles and gently glue them together.
    6. At the end, attach a loop of wire and sprinkle the ball with sparkles.


    Magic Christmas toys with their own hands

    With kids you can make simple Christmas decorations with your own hands from beads and wire. String multicolored beads on a wire and bend it into various shapes. So you can make a Christmas tree, a snowflake or a goat. You can cut out cardboard animal figures - a sheep, dog, deer or snowman. Then paint the figures and apply glue. To glue the beads. It is best to use a special glue for needlework in such crafts. It is more reliable and qualitative than conventional PVA.

    Even a 5-year-old kid with the help of his parents will easily make Christmas tree toys out of their own bead You can take a transparent plastic Christmas ball and pour inside the beads and glitter - and a fabulous Christmas tree toy is ready with your own hands.

    Magic Christmas toys with their own hands

    Everyone can make New Year's toys with their own hands on the tree of beads. For this it is not necessary to do beadwork. Following our advice, and attaching a little bit of fantasy, you can make stunning toys on the Christmas tree with your own hands from beads.

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