• How does a diesel engine work?

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    How does a diesel engine work?

    Nowadays, modern cars exist mainly with gasoline and diesel engines. Of course, there are also hybrid power units, but their use is now only being introduced into the automotive industry. In this article we will tell you about how the diesel engine works. A video about the principle of operation of a diesel engine was seen on the net probably everything, but we will try to systematize your knowledge about this type of vehicle powertrain.

    The principle of operation of the diesel engine

    In principle, at first glance, the operation of a diesel engine is no different from a gasoline engine, but this is only at first glance. There are also cylinders, pistons and connecting rods. Inexperienced people will say that the only difference is that the diesel engine is running loudly. Maybe this is partly true that according to sound characteristics, the “diesel” loses to the gasoline brother, but according to other components, clearly ahead.

    So, the workflow itself of this type of engine is as follows:the cylinder is entering clean air (due to a very strong degree of compression, the air is heated to enormous temperatures, about 800 degrees), then, also under fairly high pressure, into the chamber where combustion takes place and diesel fuel, all this happens when the piston has almost reached to its dead point and when mixing two heated bodies (air and diesel fuel) there is a process of spontaneous combustion. That is why you hear how much louder the diesel works and how tough everything happens inside the unit (of course, that there are recommendations for reducing the noise of work). Here, in brief, you also learned how the diesel engine works.

    In principle, such an organization of a diesel engine has its huge advantages. That is, this car power unit can work on very poor mixtures (the ratio of less fuel - more air), this results in the high efficiency of the “diesel”. Compared with the gasoline relative, the efficiency is 10-15% more in a diesel engine, in addition, a very powerful torque, which can only envy the gasoline unit.But where there are pluses, there are minuses, for example, as we said, the diesel engine is noisy and you can often feel the vibration of the car when the “diesel” is working, also the disadvantage is the difficulty in starting this type of engine under cold conditions and low power. Although these disadvantages can only be attributed to the cars of old models, and new ones have long ago coped with these problems. Thus, you figured out, find out for yourself how a diesel engine works and what it has pros / cons.

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