• How do women end up?

    Today we will touch on such a difficult topic as a female orgasm. This desired state, unfortunately, is not available to all women. While for men everything is clear and understandable, the orgasm is visible by what is called the naked eye, for women it is much more complicated. Many women mistakenly believe that men only care about their pleasure and it doesn’t matter to them whether a woman has reached orgasm. In fact, the partner's orgasm for a man may be even more important than for the girl herself. So he proves his masculine power, manifests the talent of a good lover, increases his personal significance. On the Internet you will find many videos of how women end up. Do not focus on them - there is usually an artificial orgasm. The spectrum of female orgasm is very large: it includes a wide variety of feelings, emotions, and physical sensations. If you ask yourself how women end up: Russians, Germans, Japanese and other nationalities, you will find an infinite number of answers. Female orgasm can be different each time - in this regard, the weaker sex is more fortunate than the strong.How to finish a woman? No one will give you an answer to this question - after all, your body is unique, just like your orgasm. Let's try to figure out how women can feel an orgasm and how can they develop their own sensuality?

    How women end up: the secrets of the female orgasm

    It's no secret that women often imitate an orgasm in order not to offend their partner: he tried so hard! By doing this, the woman finds herself in a vicious circle: the partner remembers exactly what actions the orgasm caused her partner (he does not know that the orgasm was imaginary) and repeats these actions every time, wanting to bring her beloved pleasure. Therefore, instead of imitating an orgasm, it is better to honestly admit that today you are not in the mood for an orgasm, so you are very good at men's caresses. Sometimes for a woman it’s more important not the end result of sex - orgasm, but the process itself, the exchange of partners with energy. Explain it to your man.

    How do women really end up? Are there any signs by which one can determine that this is a real orgasm, and not a showy one? In practice, it is difficult to determine: after all, female orgasm has a huge range of manifestations.Features such as increased breathing and heartbeat, convulsive contractions of the muscles of the body, resembling convulsions, sounds, groans, can be easily simulated. But there are objective signs of orgasm, which can not be simulated!

    Objective signs of female orgasm:

    • When the orgasm comes literally in a few seconds, the woman’s breasts swell, her nipples tighten (nipple erection).
    • Immediately after the woman finishes, the nipples and breast itself relax, this is noticeable to the naked eye, especially if the woman is on top (rider pose).
    • Also immediately after the onset of orgasm, rhythmic contractions of the muscles of the pelvic floor and vagina appear with an interval of about 0.8 seconds (the time may vary). You will feel a ripple (3-4 cuts) if you put your hand to the vagina.

    Many men are interested in: how to make a woman cum? Yes, a man can do something to help her partner open up, become more sensual. Here are some tips:

    • Remember that female arousal is growing much slower than male, so take the time to preliminary caresses, especially the clitoris: caress him with your fingers, a member, kiss him finally.Stay a little bit "pervert" in bed, despite the fact that you are a serious person in life. With each sex act, increase the variety in sex.
    • Well be trained in sensual massage, anal and vaginal fisting, get information on point G.
    • Watch together erotic films, notice what kind of caress your woman likes. Try to put them into practice.
    • When a woman starts to moan with pleasure, do not try to increase the pace, continue what made her moan.
    • When you feel that she is about to orgasm, do not ask any questions (like, do you like?). Trying to make an incomprehensible sound, resembling a "yes", she can be embarrassed by her grimaces and sound, and without ending.
    • Try not to have all the sexual intercourse to keep the woman's legs narrowed (pressing her hips with your hands), so she will not finish.
    • If the woman is up to you, she knows how to do it, so give her a little freedom in the position she chose to orgasm, give her the opportunity to "lead." She herself will show you the movements that will quickly lead her to orgasm. You remember them, and voila! Now you are a master in your business!

    How do women develop their sexuality

    The main mistake of women is that they expect from a partner that he will give them unearthly pleasure. Instead, you have to go about your own body and the development of sensuality.

    • Most importantly, regularly engage in self-gratification in various ways, study the reactions of your body, celebrate what brings the most pleasure. How fast a woman to finish and for you? You will learn this with practice.
    • Love yourself, accept what you are. Find your unique female image: your style, image, manner of behavior.
    • Do not focus on waiting for muscle orgasm. Orgasm can take various forms: from very pleasant sensations to clouding of consciousness. Set a goal not to get an orgasm, but to get the maximum pleasure from sex.
    • Exercise regularly, watch your physical body - it will help keep all your muscles in good shape. Also develop body flexibility.
    • If you have any complexes, fears, taboos in sexual or other areas, sort them out with a psychologist. Feelings of guilt, resentment, dependence (including from a man) can block your trust in a partner and in the world as a whole.
    • Learn more about sex: you can attend sexuality courses, learn about your intimate muscles and develop them.

    We wish you a rich sex life!

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