• How can you make an original nesting box?

    To make the birds more likely to delight you with their chirping and presence, make a birdhouse for them. And if you approach the manufacturing process creatively, then the bird's dwelling can become an interesting element of landscape design.

    Variety of materials and forms

    Craftsmen make birdhouses from a variety of materials, including improvised. “Apartments” for birds can be made of wood, chipboard, plywood, fiberboard, paper, cardboard, plastic, boards and so on. The choice is huge, but if you want to get a reliable, durable and "all-season" nesting box, then choose durable materials that are resistant to high humidity, temperature extremes, the vagaries of weather and mechanical stress.

    As for the shape of the birdhouse, the most common, traditional and simple option is a box: it will be easy to get it, and inside it will be convenient for the birds. But also housing can be designed in the form of a cylinder, such a design is also suitable for living birds and looks more interesting.

    Manufacturing options

    How to make a birdhouse for birds with your own hands, which will serve not only as a housing for birds, but also as an unusual decorative element? We offer several interesting options.

    Option One

    A classic variant is a birdhouse from a tree. To create it you will need:

    • sufficiently dry boards;
    • pencil with a ruler;
    • a hammer;
    • nails;
    • glue (carpentry);
    • drill (it can be replaced with a chisel);
    • hacksaw for wood;
    • paints;
    • paper;
    • big brush and small for decor.


    1. First you need to create a template by making a drawing on paper. The bottom will be a square with a side equal to 14 cm. The height of the back wall is 25 cm, and the front is 33 centimeters. The roof is a rectangle with sides of 13 cm and 17-18. Do not forget to draw a bar for fixing. It should be longer than the housing itself and have a sufficient width. In addition, mark on the front wall of the entrance - the hole through which birds will penetrate inside. Its size depends on how large the tenants, but the average diameter is 5-6 centimeters.
    2. Next, transfer the drawing to the material.
    3. The next stage is the preparation of parts.They are cut from the boards with a hacksaw. Edges, if desired, can be leveled and sanded. In the front wall cut out the entrance.
    4. Now connect all parts and fix with glue. And when the whole structure is completely dry, attach the mount with nails, staples or self-tapping screws.
    5. Next you can proceed to staining. Cover the entire surface with basic paint, which will become the background. When it dries, you can decorate the house with pictures.

    Option Two

    Birdhouse can be made from scrap materials, for example, from the packaging of the juice. And it is better to take a container with a volume of 2 or 2.5 liters, so that the housing is not close. So, here's what you need:

    • juice box;
    • marker;
    • stationery knife;
    • awl;
    • rope.


    1. Begin with the preparation of the box: thoroughly wash it and dry it completely to rid of extraneous odors that can scare away the feathered.
    2. Next, take a marker and draw the entrance.
    3. Cut the hole with a stationery knife.
    4. With an awl, make a hole in the upper part of the package, pass a rope through it and use it to fix the tree house.

    Such a birdhouse is considered to be summer, as it can not withstand the autumn rains and winter frosts. But this house is quite suitable if the child needs to make an article in kindergarten.

    Option Three

    If you need to make a simple, but rather durable nesting box, then this method will do. Prepare:

    • plywood;
    • pencil with a ruler;
    • paper;
    • jigsaw with a hacksaw;
    • drill or chisel;
    • construction stapler with brackets;
    • joiner glue;
    • paint;
    • the rope.

    Description of the manufacturing process:

    1. The process is almost the same as creating a wooden nesting box. First, a drawing is drawn on the paper, which is then transferred to the plywood.
    2. This is followed by the preparation of parts, that is, cutting a sheet of plywood into individual parts. The letka becomes a drill or a chisel.
    3. All elements are assembled into one design and fixed first with carpenter's glue, and after it dries - with a stapler.
    4. Then you can begin to paint and decor. Decorative items can be made from the same plywood, cutting figures and painting them.
    5. You can fix the house with a rope threaded through the hole (make it a drill).


    Considering the simple ideas of birdhouses, we can distinguish the so-called dumb house, which is very similar to the present hollow. To make such a house for birds, you need to prepare the following tools and materials:

    • old logs or logs;
    • chisel;
    • nails and hammer;
    • drill.


    1. The core is removed from the old log. If it is rotten, then everything can be done with a chisel. If the material is dense, use a drill.
    2. Make a notch by forming a hole in the cylinder.
    3. To make a roof, take another log or log, cut off its not very thick side part and cut off all unnecessary, measuring the diameter of the basis of the birdhouse (the roof should protrude beyond its limits). In the same way, make a bottom.
    4. Fasten all the details with nails.

    Correct fixation

    Having made the right nesting box, you need to fix it correctly. There are several important points. The first is time. The period of accommodation of the bird's dwelling will depend on what kind of potential tenants you plan to attract.

    So, if the house is designed for wintering birds, such as tits or sparrows, then it should be equipped around September: after harvest, but before the onset of cold weather. And if you want to provide housing for migratory birds, then cook it in the spring, when mating birds begin, around April.

    The second important point is the place.It is best to place a birdhouse on a tree, because it is the natural habitat of most birds. The crown should be lush enough to hide the family from prying eyes and in the summer to protect from the scorching rays of the sun. It is necessary to choose a site higher: this way the birds will feel calmer and will receive protection from some predators.

    The optimum height of the location - from three to five meters. And one more nuance: fix the birdhouse so that its leaflet, that is, the window was directed to the east or southeast: so the first rays of the rising sun will immediately enter the hole and warm up the dwelling.

    And finally, the last important point is the fixation. It can be done in different ways, for example, with the help of nails, wire, rope. The first option, although reliable, is harmful to wood. The wire may rust over time. The best option is a rope. But it must be strong, and it is desirable to tie a nesting box with it to a fat bitch, additionally wrapping it around the trunk of a tree.

    Tip: you can place a birdhouse not only on the tree, but also on some building, for example, on the wall of a house or a barn.But the building must be of sufficient height, otherwise the birds will not settle in the dwelling, or cats will quickly get to them.

    To decorate the forest or your site, make and hang out beautiful and original birdhouses!

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