• How can you become a real professional model?

    Professional models are an eternal object for envy. They are associated with luxury and wealth. Top-level models are always dressed in well-known fashion designers, they wear diamonds and black pearls, drive in expensive cars and meet with the most desirable men and women.

    How to become a professional model? The answer to this question interests many young boys and girls. Every day thousands of people present themselves in a place known to the whole world of top models. If you want to conquer the fashion podiums of your country and Europe, then our advice will be useful to you.

    Therefore, many are eager to be in their place. And there is nothing wrong with that. Just before you go to conquer the modeling business you should be ready to sacrifice a lot.

    Disadvantages of model business

    Models live constantly in strict frames. The slightest change in appearance can lead to termination of the contract, a fine and deprivation of salary.

    The weight of the model should be minimal and every extra kilogram is a tragedy. Your parameters should be 89-60-88. And nobody cares that you have a round butt from nature. There are standards and you must comply with them.

    Be prepared for the meanness of colleagues. Not rare cases when famous models were substituted before the show, locking up in the toilets, breaking shoes, cutting up clothes. In addition, be prepared to constantly hear the gossip behind your back.

    The model is constantly under stress, the designers are quite demanding personalities, but at the same time they themselves do not know what they want. Therefore, often break down on models.

    The model should be ready to participate in the photo shoot. But often a photo shoot is held in a 20 degree frost and at the same time it is necessary to pose in a bathing suit and depict passion.

    No matter how much they deny the fact of sexual harassment to models - it is. And going to the podium in front of the jury or the audience, be prepared to hear an indecent proposal.

    Beginner model earns a little. As long as you do not have regular customers, you will have to be content with the small.

    If all of the above does not scare you and you firmly believe in your desire to become a professional model, then you must read this article.

    top Model

    You can become a model both at home and with the help of special courses. To achieve success, only one thing is important - your desire to go towards your goal.

    Important in the career of the model is its age. The sooner you start, the better. If you are a little over 20, then it will be much more difficult to get through to the podium. By age 22, a professional model must have a minimum of 7 years of experience.

    Young models often do not know how to start their career. Nowadays, almost every city has a school of models. There you have to teach the basics of modeling. And it is natural to provide work. Education in these schools is paid. And, as a rule, such schools of models are nothing but quackery and pumping money from naive people.

    Worthy model schools exist only in large cities and they represent world-famous model agencies. Education, for example, in the school of Vyacheslav Zaitsev, will open for you the way to the podiums of Moscow.

    Anyone can be a model. And often they are those who are not even going to go on the catwalk and star in photography. So people just got lucky to get into the eyes of a scout.

    Scout is a professional who is engaged in search of personnel in agency.His task is to find a unique and special face for the model business. Scout doesn't care where he meets his model: in a special school or in the subway. The main parameters and its compliance with the parameters of beauty.

    You can hope for a chance meeting with a scout, or you can contact a model agency. If they are interested in you, they will offer to sign an agreement. Read it well before signing, so that you do not have to shed tears. The task of the modeling agency is to provide you with work.


    A good model should perform a variety of functions. But still you can identify the main types.

    Podium. It is these girls that we see in the shows of famous designers. Being a model for podiums is very prestigious. This opportunity to work with the best professionals and enter into the most lucrative contracts. The requirements for these models are the most stringent.

    The parameters of the figure should be 88-60-88, height 178-180cm. Even if you are already a well-known model who walks at Versace shows, you will be fired without hesitation if you have an extra centimeter. The podium model should have perfect posture and gait.She should be ready to pass on a slippery catwalk on a 20 centimeter heel and do not look under her feet. So the requirements for this type of models are very strict.

    Linen. Well, who does not know the world famous angels Victoria’s Secret. They, unlike catwalk models, need to have more feminine forms, especially in the thighs and breasts. Demonstrate the laundry is more complicated than the usual outfits.

    You must be ready to demonstrate your undisguised body. You should always be sexy, despite all the problems in your personal life. Linen models are most often faced with indecent offers. By the way, it is possible to show your body in underwear, only after the execution of 21 years in Europe, and 18 years in our country.

    Plus size. This type of model combines girls far from the parameters 90-60-90. These girls are beautiful, emotional and plastic. At the same time they are 46-50 size clothes. And not a bit shy of their bodies, each time proving that beauty has no framework.

    Part - Model. These models are often shot for commercials. They demonstrate certain areas of their body: arms, legs, lips, eyes.

    Model of erotic genre. Explain for which journals these models work has no meaning. They earn enough, but this work leaves a mark for life, so you need to think carefully.

    What is a portfolio?

    Portfolio is the main document of the model. It contains photos of the model in different angles. The more high-quality photos in the album, the more chances you will enjoy the agency and the designer.

    Portfolio is the foundation for your career.

    You can make a portfolio of a professional photographer. Just find a good specialist. Photos should not be monotonous. On each photo you should show different emotions and images.

    A good photographer should have experience with portfolio building. By the way, its compilation can be for you an excellent experience of working with a photographer. Learn to listen to him.

    A quality portfolio is expensive, about 700 dollars. If you are offered a lower price, then most likely, the work will not be the best.

    How to find a good model agency?

    Nowadays, it is quite difficult to do. To get started, make a list of agencies that interest you.Now collect as much information as possible about them. About worthy model agencies are often written in magazines and on various information portals. In such agencies, you should go look for a partner.

    Do not expect that you will immediately be employed by the agency. There you will have to undergo a harsh casting, and only if you suit them in many ways will they offer you a contract.

    At the casting is better to come in bodily underwear and with natural makeup. Hair and skin should be in perfect condition. Tune in to the positive and easily perform all tasks. And they can be very diverse.

    Think what you say. Nobody needs a stupid model. Do not say that you are ready to do anything and do not make tantrums.

    Any person has a chance to become a model. The main thing is that you have to this natural data and persistent.

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