• How can we change life?

    Life is given in order to live it happily, the way you want it. Live so that, being an old man, turn around and smile back: "What an amazing life I have!" Do not shift responsibility to others for not liking a miserable existence. Change everything around, influence, be the head of your destiny.

    How can we change our lives

    Get up off the couch! Forget fear and laziness, these are your worst enemies on the path to happiness. With this rule, you can easily change your life for the better.

    Basic principles of a new life

    1. Positive thinking is the first step to happiness and success. It's not new for a long time that thoughts are material. The universe does not know about the existence of the particle "not." Think only in a positive way. For example, "I want to come to work during" instead of "at least not being late." In the second case, life will definitely hear about being late and "help" you with this.
    2. Concretize the desires. Get away from vague and vague ideas. Give the specific amount you want to receive per month for your work. Imagine in detail what kind of man you should meet and marry him.
    3. Take responsibility for yourself. Everything that happens is your doing.If you don't make a choice, they will make it for you.
    4. Do not delay the task. "Lose weight from Monday" is a bad idea. He wanted to change his life, start right now, at this minute, and not tomorrow or after you eat.
    5. Change your attitude to life. Start with yourself, change yourself. Think what you can do to change the circumstances.
    6. Move to the big goal with small steps. Haste has not helped anyone yet. Break your great desire into several small steps.
    7. Live every day like last. Decorate it, add peppercorns. Let it be action in everything: in sex, and in the preparation of dinner.
    8. Every day, look for new emotions. Catch the pleasure of the present day, do not live with the expectation of future success and victories. Win right now.
    9. Live in reality, do not hide in the game world.

    Instructions for changing life for the better

    1. Visualize the problem. Take paper and pen. Do not rush, in a relaxed atmosphere, make a detailed list of what does not suit you in life, which frankly enrages. For example, I hate work, constantly quarrel with a guy / girl.
    2. In front of each item write solutions to the problem. Be tough. To change life, you can not be afraid of change.For example, if you got a job, quit; if a guy / girl makes you a brain, part.
    3. Next to each solution point out points that contribute to this. These can be your human qualities, connections, current circumstances, or some possibilities. For example, you do not like your job - quit - you have already gained a lot of experience in a particular field of activity, there is an organization on your mind where the director knows you, you work well in a team and quickly learn new things.

    This small and simple instruction can really help you, although at first glance it will seem that these are truisms:

    • Firstly, you will reflect on paper everything that needs to be changed, some problems will immediately become ridiculous and you will throw them away, others will line up in a clear plan of action. In my head everything will decompose on shelves. How can we change life? Yes, the change has already begun. Life is filled with new meanings with your list.
    • Secondly, with this list will be the beginning of a new life! As practice shows, when a person drastically changes only one side in her life, other changes follow.For example, she quit her unpromising job, got a new job, radically changed part of her life. And suddenly at the new work new interesting friends appear, meet a man and marry him.
    • Thirdly, you prescribe on a sheet of paper your advantages, advantages, prospects, successfully formed circumstances. All this raises self-esteem and morale, and without it, how can we change life?

    And finally, develop! Self-development is a sure way to change and live interestingly. nothing stands still. Grow in your eyes and the voices of others.

    How can we change the world

    Here the main rule: start with yourself! To change the whole world for the better, you need to understand that you are a part of this world, just start acting yourself, take responsibility for yourself.

    How the world is changing thanks to you

    • Chain reaction. It has been verified that the active life position of one person, attracts other such people to him, makes him follow him. Their actions inspire others. The world is moving, changing.
    • No man is an island! Do not be deceived that the whole world cannot be changed alone. If each person will sit idly with the motto “alone in the field is not a warrior”, then the world will indeed remain the same.The effect is bound to increase when many people begin to act in one direction.
    • Do not be silent. Be active, let your word be heard. Write letters to newspapers, to television, participate in demonstrations, start a blog.
    • Starting small. Clean the territory of the yard of your house, organize a work day. If several people do this, then the whole city will become cleaner.
    • Do not remain indifferent. If a crime is happening before your eyes, call the police. If a poorly dressed person lies on the street in winter, do not pass by, call an ambulance, maybe his heart has become bad, and at home people are going through their loved ones.
    • Take care of business. Creative people can compose music, draw pictures, write poetry. Others - to open their business and develop it for the benefit of the city and the whole world.
    • Become a parent. How can we change the world with the help of our children? Give birth to a child, tell him about the world, that its possibilities are endless, that even one person can change the world.
    • Again, develop, read, travel. You can give wise advice when asked. Become a teacher at school or at home.
    • Go to your dream. Believe, strive and achieve. The more purposeful people in the world who do not give up, the more the world changes for the better.

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