• How can I remove scars after chickenpox?

    Each of us has experienced such a disease as chicken pox at least once in our life. It's not necessary to get chickenpox on your own to find out what it is: temperature, unpleasant rashes all over the body, everything would be ok, if it were not for the strongest itch, to cope with which is not easy.

    Despite the fact that the disease itself does not have serious consequences in terms of health, it can significantly spoil your whole future life. The main problem after the expiration of chickenpox is whitish scars, which can remain on the surface of the skin and greatly spoil the appearance of a person.

    How to treat such scars after chickenpox? It's not a secret that this disease is much easier to tolerate in childhood: the process itself proceeds more easily, immunity is developed for life, and traces of ulcers, most likely, will not remain, because the regenerating capacity of the child's organism is much higher than in an adult.

    But the scars after chicken pox,transferred in adulthood, this is almost a predetermined outcome, unless, of course, not to treat this with due attention from the very beginning.

    The older the person, the more serious the consequences, the ulcers heal longer, which means they cause more damage to the skin surface. Basically, the complex of drug treatment includes antihistamines, external ointments and antiseptics, which prevent the occurrence of complications.

    Pharmaceutical products

    But what to do if preventive measures do not help, and in place of the former ulcers deepening, white spots and scars are gradually formed? This is usually the case if the patient is poorly caring for the body, suffers from a reduced immunity or does not use the cream against scars.

    By the way, about the cream. These funds are mainly made on natural ingredients, serious preparations with chemical components can only be used as directed by the doctor and it is important to remember that they can cause allergies and, as a result, aggravate the course of the disease.

    If the scars are shallow or still very fresh, then external means can be effectively combined with other methods of treatment, for example, hardware cosmetology.Usually for the fight with scars use such tools as "dermatics", "medgel", "contractubex" and others.

    Most of them contain components that prevent excessive growth of connective tissue, as well as accelerate the healing process of ripening scars. Due to this effect, the wound is tightened faster and filled with connective tissue, as a result of which the scar becomes almost invisible.

    Remember that external preparations for the healing of scars will have an effect only if the scars are still quite fresh. If they are already fully ripe, then there will be no sense from creams and ointments.

    Folk remedies

    With fresh pits and even relatively old scars in small quantities can be managed at home using traditional medicine. One of the most popular and common methods is the use of cocoa butter.

    It can be purchased at the pharmacy, it is important that it is completely natural without any additives. Dip your fingertips in the oil, and then proceed to the massage, which should completely cover the entire affected area.

    Actions should be light and smooth, the procedure strengthens the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, improves blood circulation and, due to the beneficial trace elements that make up the oil, restores scar tissue.

    The second option - taking vitamin C, with it, both internally and externally. Creams with vitamin C contribute to enhancing the processes of melanogenesis, so the fossa is gradually filled with connective tissue.

    It should be borne in mind that inward will have to take quite a large amount of ascorbic acid, but because this method is not suitable for those who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases.

    Hardware techniques

    If you manage to cope with the scars with the help of ointments and folk remedies still can not, then there is only one option - to resort to cosmetic aids.

    In any case, it is not necessary to delay with this, because the older the scars, the harder it is to get rid of them. In the salons you can offer a huge variety of ways to help you save the face or even the whole body from the hated scars.

    • Microdermabazia. Treatment is carried out by removing all layers of skin that form a scar.One of the most recognized and popular methods.
    • The introduction of collagen. Under the scars with the help of pricks, collagen fillers are injected, which allow to smooth the skin and reduce the diameter of the scars.
    • Laser polishing. Painless and versatile method, which allows you to get rid of both fresh and from the old "jewelry."
    • Lipofilling
    • Silicone plates, etc.
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