• What is the best way to prepare for the exam?

    The exam is a difficult but unavoidable thing, so prepare for it sooner or later, but you have to. Better, of course, early than late. Excitement, fear, tremendous stress, lack of sleep and irritability - this is not a complete list of sensations associated with exams. How to prepare for exams - this is a question that worries absolutely all high school students and students.

    In this case, the main time, reasonable action and the right attitude. Let's sort everything in order.


    Time in preparation plays the most important role. The more of it, the better. We will not talk about the need to prepare for exams throughout the semester. Everybody knows it, and almost no one does. It is better if you allocate at least 5 days for preparation. This time, with proper distribution of forces, is enough to prepare for even the most difficult exam.

    How to act

    Let's try to figure out how to better prepare for the exam.

    Intelligence service

    The first thing that needs to be done is to collect all the information regarding the teacher and his subject. This is best done at the beginning of the semester (this is for your future).It is necessary to find out how he relates to the attendance of his lessons, whether he misses and puts the exam or a test automatically, and what is needed for that. If there is an opportunity to put a positive assessment without passing the exam, then you should take it.

    Before starting the preparation, you need to get the necessary lectures and textbooks recommended by the teacher (teacher) in order not to be misled by learning the wrong material.

    Do not ignore the advice. Often they deal with difficult questions and specify how the exam will be held, what they will ask and how they can use the manuals, maps and other things. For some not very happy students, consultation is an opportunity to get acquainted with the examiner. The situation when you see each other for the first time in the exam is usually not very pleasant and doesn’t play in favor of the examiner.

    Learn, by the way, from those who had previously passed this exam, all the subtleties of its conduct, for example, whether it is possible to write off what the teacher has been doing during all this time, how he watches the applicants, what is asked and how.

    Find tickets. It is best to prepare for them in order not to waste valuable time reading unnecessary material.


    Everyone cares how well prepare for the exam.

    We need to make a plan. We take the number of questions in the ticket, divide by the number of days available for preparation, and leave one day in reserve for the repetition of the journey and for force majeure .. Do not forget to leave at least part of the night for sleep. Teaching round the clock will not give the desired result. Brains should rest and air out from time to time. Therefore, at the end of the school day, you can and even need to walk a bit, at least to the store. Rested brain absorbs information better.

    Remove from sight all that can distract. Preparing is better for one person, the presence of another person will constantly distract you, it is not necessary to prepare with someone.

    If it is important for you to know how to quickly prepare for the exam, then you need to find a textbook where the necessary material is described as briefly as possible. While reading, try to understand, and not to memorize. By the way, in the old library textbooks all the necessary information has long been underlined and highlighted by students who have previously passed. Check out these tutorials.

    Writing cheat sheets takes a lot of time, so if you write, then only on the most difficult issues. Hide them safely, use extremely carefully. Cheat sheets are a risk. All risk is on your conscience.

    During the preparation, it is necessary to take notes, write out the main things for each question, draw up diagrams, in general, write down briefly everything that will help with the repetition of the material.

    Important in the exam and the practical part, if it is. We need to learn how to solve problems, parse sentences and the like.

    How to prepare for the oral exam? If an oral exam is to be held, then the most difficult tickets are better to try to speak out loud. It is necessary to learn how to speak on the desired topic fairly freely by answering various counter questions.

    Moral attitude

    In preparation for the exam, it is important to know how to morally prepare for the exam.

    No need to treat exams as a disaster. You need to accept the need to surrender the session, it will help you in finding a much needed peace of mind during her period.

    Throw away all negative thoughts and fears, as thoughts are material. What is important is a positive attitude and an optimistic view of what is happening. Panic during the preparation demoralizes and knocks out of a rut. At the same time you lose, not only faith in yourself, but time for unnecessary reflections.

    Clearly follow the plan and you will succeed.

    Taking into account all our recommendations, you can prepare for the entrance exams, for graduation, intermediate, for whatever you like, because the main thing in this matter is the principle of preparation. Understand how to properly prepare for the exam, and you will not be afraid of any exams and tests.

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