• How best to format a photo camera flash drive?

    We bought a new flash drive for the camera, and it hangs when it is saved - it takes a long time to wait. How can it be formatted? Advise a program or method.
    There are 2 answers
    Answered on November 16, 2014 18:24
    If the flash drive is slowly saving, then most likely it has 4 or 6 class. buy 10 or 12, there will be no brakes! If you want to format all the same, then there is nothing difficult about it. I would not advise using third-party programs, why? Only time to lose! Simply insert the USB flash drive into the laptop and right-click on it, select format and click OK. But just before that, do not forget to save the pictures on the computer, and then you never know .. suddenly forget)) You can format it on the photo itself.

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