• How beautiful to draw graffiti?

    Ivan Kochura
    Ivan Kochura
    March 26, 2013
    How beautiful to draw graffiti?

    Sitting for hours on the Internet, digging on various sites, modern people find not only the necessary information, but also receive, such necessary for everyone, communication.

    Social networks today are becoming increasingly popular. Here you can express your feelings, and beautiful inscriptions play an important role in this. Therefore, the question arises about how beautifully to draw graffiti.

    Recommendations on how to draw graffiti

    • If you are a happy owner of a tablet, then creating a beautiful picture will not be difficult, especially with some talent in this area. This way you can draw with maximum realism.
    • If there is only a mouse at hand, then how to draw a beautiful graffiti on VKontakte? Immediately it should be noted that it will be quite difficult. The tricky method that can be applied in such a situation recommends the following. First you need to make the window for Vkontakte graffiti transparent. To do this, you can find and download the appropriate program.With its help, you can adjust the transparency of the window that suits you best. Outside the VKontakte graffiti window you need to open the image you want to redraw. Thus, it is very easy to transfer the outline of the drawing to your future creation, from which it will have the effect of hand-drawn.
    • There are other programs that allow you to transfer whole pictures or small fragments of them on the wall of your friends. So works, for example, the program VKPaint. You can pick up other programs that have those features that may be useful to you. In some programs you can easily load the desired image, draw an element or make an inscription, and then send the resulting graffiti to your friends.
    • You can use the dotted method, in which you need to make the mouse the main points of the contour of the future pattern, which then connect the lines.

    Learn to properly paint pictures. To do this, use a thin brush with a transparency of no more than thirty percent.

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