• How and what to treat a sore throat at home

    How and what to treat a sore throat at home

    How and what to treat a sore throat at home

    There is a lot of information on how to treat a sore throat, do not forget that this is not an ordinary disease, it carries a lot of danger. If you try to treat a sore throat in children with ignorance of the case, then complications may appear. It is better to see a doctor right away. Only a qualified specialist can determine the type of sore throat, its type and treatment. Need to play it safe and go to the clinic for advice.


    How to treat a sore throat at home



    According to statistics, very few people go to the doctor when he has a sore throat, mostly everyone is self-healing, believing that he will cure enough and everything will go away. Our advice is designed specifically for those who do not make an arrogant decision to treat a sore throat at home, but still it doesn’t put you in touch with the doctors to know the main points. Self-medication is not worth doing, especially, children's sore throat.


    Typical symptoms of angina

    Typical symptoms of angina. How to treat a sore throat?

    We will understand what kind of disease is sore throat? The name "angina" has nothing to do with medical terms, so this disease was nicknamed in the people. Remember that in medical records it will be recorded as acute tonsillitis. Acute means that the disease occurs suddenly: when you go to bed, you were completely healthy, and in the morning you have a high fever and a red throat. "Tonsilla" translated from Latin means "amygdala", and the prefix "it" at the end indicates inflammation, therefore, tonsillitis - inflammation of lymphoid formations of the periphery region.


    Before you begin to search for information on how to treat a sore throat, you need to make sure that it is she, not every sore throat is sore throat. In addition, angina angina strife and pathogens are also different, as well as the course of the disease itself. Once the disease and its type have been identified, it is already possible to speak of an adequate treatment of angina. If you do not treat the disease with due attention, then you can face a number of concomitant complications. More common is tonsillitis, which occurs due to streptococci and staphylococci.But to assert that these pathogens were the cause of the disease is difficult, because at the moment it is possible to count at least another two dozen pathogens and this is not the limit, new strains are constantly emerging that are not susceptible to antibiotics, which usually treat tonsillitis. Therefore, doctors in meditation how to treat purulent angina and are forced to prescribe a combination of strong medications.


    How and what to treat a sore throat at home


    Typical symptoms of angina:


    • - high temperature;
    • - headache, general malaise, weakness;
    • - sore throat, redness of the tonsils, sore throat, pain when swallowing;
    • - tonsils swell, swell and blush, purulent inclusions and plaque can be poured;
    • - cervical lymph nodes are enlarged, because in the tonsils there is an accumulation in the lymphatic tissue and the first thing the angina infecting agent will start to attack the lymphatic system.


    Next, we recommend watching the video with Malysheva on how to treat a sore throat.

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