• Home and outdoor video surveillance system using a webcam.

    Sitting at the computer in full creative process or playing a game, I was often distracted by my faithful dog with his bark, I had to tear my fifth point away from my favorite chair, go out into the yard and see who was there. It turns out that the postman just passed and put the press in the box or the children noisily ran past the yard. In general, nothing was worried. So the idea came to look out behind the fence, without taking your eyes off the monitor, with one click of the mouse.
    For this case, the web camera is the best suited. Firstly cheap, in comparison with other video surveillance systems, secondly no additional equipment should be installed. In the driver, going along with the camera is quite a good program that allows you to virtually rotate the camera at a certain angle horizontally and vertically, and even flip the image. You can record a video on a hard disk or take a photo.Also adjusts the brightness, contrast and color. What really helps to adjust the image depending on the light on the street and the time of day. But in the dark the camera is blind as a mole, but this is fixable if you install additional lighting of the viewed area.
    The main difficulty was in lengthening the camera's wire, because I could not buy such a long USB cable. And also in the manufacture of protective box and install the camera in the right place.
    Let's start with the wires. In order to extend the cable, coolly cut it in half, between the camera and the USB plug, remove the protective sheath a couple of centimeters at both ends of the wire. And we see there are four veins, and even braided. Hooray! they are different colors, it is already easier. And that means we need five wires of the desired length. Be sure to carefully measure the distance from the place of the intended installation of the camera to your computer, you need to try to keep the wire as short as possible.
    I don’t know how much the braiding screen affects the quality of the image, but my extension was ten meters, without a screen. I do not observe any extraneous interference and image quality deterioration.It is desirable to take the wires as thin as possible, but always in isolation. Enameled wrapping is not suitable for this purpose. I found a telephone cable with twenty thin colored wires. I had to carefully cut the protective sheath and remove the five necessary wires. Well, of course, if the wires are of different colors, but it is possible that they are of the same color ... Just in this case, they will need their dial to not confuse anything.
    We lay the cable by passing it into the holes drilled in the walls of your home. And already on our desktop we solder the USB plug with the appropriately recorded colors and carefully isolate all the soldering points. You can turn on the test of the loop.
    It should be taken into account that indoors and on the street is a big difference in lighting. Therefore, after the first power up it may seem that nothing is working. Do not panic, especially if you are sure that the wires are not messed up. You must open the settings in the program and rotate the brightness or change the checkboxes. The program was in English, I am not strong in it, so I acted using the plug-in method, and success came.
    When the picture appears, you can move on.The final setting will be repeated after installing the outdoor webcam in place.
    Web The camera is designed to work indoors, so you must protect it from the weather. You can do it yourself, and I used a piece of plastic bottle for this. Maybe this is not aesthetically pleasing, as the hero Lyolik said, but cheap, reliable and practical. For those who decided to follow my path, we cut a 1.5-liter bottle in half, we will need a half with a bottom. The design of the protective casing - the box is clear from the photo.
    Yes, and also the main part, This is a sun visor. It should be made of opaque material so that direct sunlight does not fall into the camera's obstiv under any circumstances. I used rubber from the car camera. We wrap our camera with a strip of rubber, so that a centimeter peak is formed four inches from the lens, and we insert it into our bottle. If the camera stand interferes, it is allowed to make a cut in the bottle; this cable can be skipped. Only in the future, you need to install the camera with this cut down. The camera should be located above the observed object, and the top is bent with the bottom and the lens down.This will relieve precipitation on the camera. My fence is solid, two meters high. The camera is installed at a height of two and a half meters and a meter and a half away from the gate and 30 cm deep into the courtyard. After installation, you will need to adjust the program again. The picture is certainly not Hollywood, but people are quite recognizable in person.

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