• Quality two-liter thermos: how to choose and where to buy?

    Many people daily use this type of portable tableware, like a thermos. It helps to maintain the temperature of beverages or foods for a long time. Quality can keep tea or coffee in hot condition from 3 to 9 hours. The most popular are the average volume models (from 0.5 to 1 liter). However, there are situations where it is necessary to transfer a greater amount of warm drinks or food. In such cases, need more bulk dishes. Find a two-liter thermos of the highest quality is not so easy, because most manufacturers are guided by the more popular low-volume options. However, the sale is, albeit limited, the choice of a good two-liter thermos.

    What may be needed thermos 2 l?

    ThermosWhy is a 2 liter thermos for sale a lot less than a low-volume model? This is explained very simply: Why carry large dishes, if a half-liter or liter thermos is quite suitable for individual use.Portable dishes are valued for their compactness. And yet, sometimes there are such situations when you need a large thermos:

    1. When family trips or trips. If the family has 3 or 4 members, then a liter of tea will be enough for them not very long. Here you need a minimum of 2 liters to hold on the way a family snack.
    2. At all kinds of collective gatherings. For example, if a parent meeting is held in the classroom, then a two-liter thermos with hot coffee would be very appropriate.
    3. For longer trips. Drivers who do not like to drink coffee or tea at roadside eateries, stock up with warm and invigorating drinks for a long time.
    4. For home picnics and parties in the yard. If about 10 acquaintances gather around the house, then two liters of warm tea, coffee or another drink will be quite enough.

    Such situations can be represented much more. They can happen quite unexpectedly, which is why you need to have a thermos of the appropriate volume at home. It will be stored on the kitchen shelf, and at the right time will always be at hand. It is very important that the thermos is of high quality, otherwise it can fail (to leak, not to keep the temperature of the drink) at the most inappropriate moment.

    Main characteristics and selection criteria for a two-liter thermos

    thermosTo buy a 2 liter thermos that meets the highest quality requirements, you need to know the basic characteristics of this type of cookware. The most important criteria here are:

    • high-quality stainless steel outer casing and internal flask, which can be both steel and glass (it is undesirable to buy large thermoses made of plastic);
    • tightly screwed cap with a valve and gasket (these elements protect against fluid flow during transport or transportation);
    • convenient form (oblong narrow for drinks and with a wide neck and an internal food bulb);
    • It is desirable to have external handles, as it is not very convenient to carry a large and heavy thermos, holding it by the wide round case;
    • the presence of additional devices (for example, pneumonias, which allows pouring liquid without tilting a thermos, which is very convenient for collective events).

    Knowing in advance what such a large thermos will usually be used for, you can choose a model with the appropriate characteristics. And in order not to miscalculate with quality, it is advisable to trust trusted, well-known and reputable brand manufacturers.

    Famous brands, in the assortment of which there are two-liter thermoses

    Very high quality two-liter thermos in a fairly diverse assortment of the company offers Thermos. This world famous brand is distinguished by the detailed design of the construction of thermal vessels. Therefore, even bulk thermoses (for drinks and for food) are easy to use due to the presence of convenient retractable handles. There are different models from 4.5 to 8 thousand rubles. However, they fully justify their price. These products will be the most convenient to use and will last a very long time without any complaints.

    The Russian company Biostal also has in its range thermoses for 2 liters. Here are wide models of high quality stainless steel. The price is more affordable - from 1.5 to 2.5 thousand rubles. Another well-known Russian manufacturer of steel utensils is Amet. In its assortment several successful two-liter thermos models are offered at once. Their distinguishing characteristic is the presence of a convenient pneumonias or filling neck in the lid. Here thermoses cost from 1,700 to 3,300 rubles.

    If you choose a model with high-quality pneumopump, then you can pay attention to the two-liter model from the Spanish manufacturer Valira.This excellent characteristic thermos will cost about 4,000 rubles. Choosing a two-liter model from one manufacturer or another can not be cheap. A high-quality thermos of such a volume cannot cost less than 1,500 rubles from a domestic brand and 3,000 from a famous foreign one.

    Where it is better to buy a quality 2 liter thermos?

    Many buyers believe that thermos is better to buy on specialized sites. However, this is not always true. Far from all manufacturers have in the range of models with large volume. If you go to the catalog of a large online store that represents several well-known brands at once, then you can choose a high-quality product with the required parameters.

    In addition, large online stores conduct the most competitive pricing policy to ensure intensive turnover. Therefore, here you can find a thermos at a bargain price even from a well-known import manufacturer. Given that large models are not always in demand, they can be offered with significant discounts. This is also an important motive in order to go to a large multi-brand store, representing different types of thermal vessels and other goods, in the search for a 2 liter thermos.

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