• High hairstyle for long and medium hair do it yourself - photo instruction

    High hairstyle for long and medium hair do it yourselfHave you ever felt the need for a hairstyle that would be comfortable, beautiful, suitable for special occasions and at the same time be simple to do yourself? Today we want to introduce you to a hairstyle called "French Shell".


    This high hairstyle is suitable for both long hair and medium-length hair and is very popular with many stars of show business.


    For example, the talented singer and composer Alison Sudol (known as A Fine Frenzy) chose just such a hairstyle for her new album “Pines” for a photo shoot.


    You can make a "shell" at the prom or any other gala evening, where you need to look particularly good. Our photo instruction (with the participation of Alison herself!) Will tell you how to make this high elegant haircut using a secret little tool ... - Chinese chopsticks.


    How to make an evening high hair - step by step instructions


    1.A very important point: before you start creating a hairstyle, you need to texture your hair well. We used an Apres Beach Spray texturing spray from Oribe for this. It leaves hair soft and manageable, unlike many other sprays to create a “beach” effect from most other manufacturers, which make the hair rather stiff.


    2. Now nazheshte hair on top.


    3. Also mix the hair on the left side of the parting ...


    4. ... and also on the right side of the parting.


    High hairstyle for long and medium hair do it yourself


    5. Then take all your hair in one hand, and the other, comb it in the middle and closer to the tips. Do not try to do it too carefully. The effect of light negligence makes this hairstyle even more attractive.


    6. Assemble the ends of the hair with a small invisible elastic. You need to collect them a little on the side, as shown in the photo. This needs to be done so that when we end up curling our hair, the resulting shell will be in the center of the head.


    7. Place the Chinese chopsticks on both sides of the gum and squeeze.


    8. Fold the hair in the form of a seashell on top. The result should look about the same as it is shown in the photo.If the shell turned out to be off center or looks not very attractive, gently unfold it and try to wrap the hair again.


    For those who have never done such a hair, this can be difficult. Do not worry. To make the shell beautiful from the first time, it will take quite a bit of training.


    High hairstyle for long and medium hair do it yourself


    9. With one hand, hold the resulting hairstyle with the help of Chinese sticks near the head, and with the other pin the places shown in the photo with invisible pins. We recommend using a large size for a more secure fit, because depending on the length and thickness of your hair, the hairstyle can be quite heavy. Make sure that you do not touch the chopsticks, otherwise you will not be able to remove them.


    10. If you feel that you have fixed your hair well enough and it looks properly, carefully pull out the Chinese sticks.


    High hairstyle for long and medium hair do it yourself


    You can slightly release part of the hair in front to give an even greater effect of natural negligence. Use strong hold hairspray to secure the result.

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