• Hemp oil - application, properties and taste

    We are accustomed to using the two most common types of vegetable oils in cooking - sunflower and olive, and in connection with the expansion of the product range, other types of products began to appear on our table - flaxseed, sesame, corn, and peanut.

    Hemp oil could occupy a decent place in our diet, despite the high cost, because it has unique beneficial qualities that can change the bias towards the raw material from which hemp is obtained.

    Oil is rarely found on the market, but those who purchased it know that the composition of the product is distinguished by an uncommon balance that makes it possible to heal the human body from the inside and outside.

    About natural product

    Hemp oil is of vegetable origin, and for its production using the method of cold pressing. The raw material for the valuable product is mainly raw plant seeds, with the highest oil content, but the whole plant can be used.

    The crude oil composition has a rich nutty flavor and a greenish tint, which changes to a colorless as a result of processing. Hemp oil is of two kinds:

    • unrefined - perishable, with a short shelf life due to the possibility of bitterness in the taste;
    • refined - with a longer shelf life than unrefined, but the loss of most medicinal qualities during cleaning.

    For a slight increase in shelf life, it is recommended to choose a dark place for hemp oil.

    About the healing composition

    Nutritionists call cannabis oil the most balanced vegetable product among other oils, which is useful for the perfect balance of omega fats. It is recommended for anyone who is not alien to a healthy diet, and those who want to join it. This is the optimal component for the daily diet, because:

    1. Its composition contains a small amount of polyunsaturated fats in the form of gamma-linolenic acid, oleic acid and stearic acid. In combination with omega fats, they make up a complex of essential fats, unique in respect for the balance between the components. This is a huge product advantage over other edible oilseeds.
    2. Most of the raw materials are polyunsaturated "good" fats, up to eighty percent. The rest is less beneficial saturated fats, up to eleven percent. In connection with the inability of the body to synthesize essential fats naturally, they must be obtained with food. And here comes to the rescue hemp oil - an ideal source of nutrients, which in the human body is assigned no less important role than vitamins. The product is useful to those who suffer from a deficiency of essential fatty acids, preferring food with animal fats.
    3. In oil, there is a lot of alpha-linolenic acid omega-3, which is indispensable for the successful operation of organs and tissue regeneration. Its composition is almost identical to fish oil, which allows the use of oil in the prevention of conditions such as depression, diseases - arthritis, heart and others.
    4. Twenty-five percent of the oil is high-quality proteins, with amino acids similar to meat and eggs.

    About medicinal qualities

    Hemp oil has useful properties inherent to the raw kind of product and all forms of its derivatives. It is proved that the basis of many known pathologies is the deficiency or imbalance of specific fatty acids.If you normalize their content at the expense of a healthy diet with the inclusion of essential fats in the menu, you can strengthen the immune system and heal the skin and hair. We list the main qualities of the oil:

    1. Anti-inflammatory, important for strengthening the immune system and increasing the body's resistance to the effects of any viruses and bacteria.
    2. Toning, contributing to the immediate influx of energy with vivacity immediately after its intake. Therefore, it is often recommended to enter into the diet of a weakened patient.
    3. Prophylactic and therapeutic for diseases of the cardiovascular system and nerve pathologies, in the diagnosis of renal failure and senile sclerosis.
    4. Anti-inflammatory and anti-infective, used in the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases affecting the upper respiratory tract, urinary and gallbladder. For the treatment of many diseases of the endocrine system, the product is also useful.
    5. A high concentration of calcium allows its use for people with osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other pathological changes in the skeletal system and joints.
    6. The oil is ideal for normalizing hormonal balance and improving the metabolic process.
    7. Relieves unpleasant symptoms during menopause and menstrual cycle, anemia.
    8. Tuberculosis patients are advised to use cannabis seed oil to support the body during a long process of therapy and rehabilitation.
    9. Restorative and antiseptic, for the rapid healing of damaged skin. In addition, oil can not do in the treatment of various skin diseases - psoriasis and eczema, dermatitis and ulcers, ulcers and furunculosis.
    10. Cosmetic, allowing regular use to restore the protective function of the skin, normalize the function of the sebaceous glands and the composition of their secretions, regenerate and moisturize the dermis, improve the complexion in the presence of any skin type. Oil helps the aging skin to acquire youth, filling it with freshness, elasticity and elasticity.
    11. Dietary, perfectly suitable for the diet of vegetarians and fasting people, due to the balanced composition. The supporting body in a state of absolute health during the absence of animal products.
    12. Anti-cancer. It is noticed that the composition of the product helps to resist cancer cells and tumors of various pathogenesis.


    The oil has found application in cosmetology, thanks to the excellent nutritional, protective and regenerating properties of hemp seeds. The advantages include:

    • fast absorption and lack of fat shine;
    • deep penetration into the dermis and strengthening of the capillary walls;
    • giving the skin softness, elasticity;
    • successful fight against dehydration, due to retention of moisture;
    • rejuvenation effect and UV protection.

    Cosmetic creams and masks based on hemp oil are popular with the fair sex. No less successful impact of the product has on the hair, especially if they are dry, dull and brittle, and nails prone to breakage and delamination. Shampoos, conditioners and masks restore the structure of hair and nails, strengthening them.


    There are several options for how to take oil. To improve the body, and as a preventive measure, you can simply pour it into a tablespoon and eat without supplements three times a day for half an hour before meals.

    If this method is unacceptable, then the product is added to dishes such as soups and porridges, side dishes of cereals and pasta, various sauces. It serves as a dressing for cold and warm salads, vinaigrettes.

    Heat treatment is excluded due to the loss of useful properties, therefore, they do not fry or stew anything on hemp oil. Regularly change this type of vegetable oil to another for a variety of diet.

    How to choose and store?

    To hemp oil brought joy and benefit, use some tips:

    • purchase a cold pressed product;
    • because of the short shelf life, give preference to small bottles;
    • Note that after opening and contact with oxygen, the oil will not be stored for long, so do not save it;
    • put the product in the refrigerator, tightly closing the lid.

    Precautionary measures

    Contraindications for hemp oil are insignificant, they are limited to individual intolerance, the presence of symptoms of CNS disorders and mental disorders, due to the possible psychotropic effects of the product.

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