• Help - why the leaves of hibiscus turned yellow?

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    Regina Sforza
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    Hibiscus is an exotic thermophilic plant, so if the leaves turned yellow it is possible the whole thing is that the conditions for keeping are wrong: 1. Cold windowsill and wet roots from frequent watering can cause yellowing and falling leaves. 2. The lack of iron. In this case, you need to add iron chelate to the water. 3. Hot batteries. Oddly hot, dry air also negatively affects the plant. 4. Parasites. Some species of mite suck out useful substances from the leaves of hibiscus and the leaves turn yellow and fall off. In this case, it is necessary to carry out a complex of purification from parasites: wash the leaves with soapy water, cut off the damaged leaves and treat the sections with crushed coal. 5. Lack of light and heat.

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