• Help answer the exam questions of the 2015/2016 winter session on literature.

    1. Journal Contemporary. The role of the journal in the political and literary life of society in the 50-60s of the 19th century. What is the meaning of the name of the magazine? What ideas did he promote, what did he struggle with? 2. What historical events of the 50-60s influenced the growth of public consciousness? What social forces appeared in Russian society at this time? (on the example of literary works). 3. The Play of Thunderstorm. Exposure - the first acquaintance with the characters. 4. Tell us about the life of Catherine in the parental home. What significance does this episode have in understanding the image of the heroine? 5. Retell the scene of Katerina’s farewell to Tikhon. Why was Tikhonovna alone talking to Katerina so important? 6. Retell the episode “Repentance of Catherine”. What and how is it motivated? Is this evidence of Katerina’s strength or weakness? 7. Retell the episode for the first appearance in the Kabanov family. What is the balance of power in the family? 8. The love story of Pavel Petrovich Kirsanov and Princess R. and Nikolai Petrovich Kirsanov and Baubles. What is the point of testing heroes with love? 9. The love story of Bazarov and Odintsov. What is the reason for the collapse of this relationship? 10. What is Vasily Ivanovich and Arina Vlasyevna? What role did they play in the development of their son? How does Bazarov relate to them? 11. The history of life Turgenev. What events, people influenced the formation of personality? 12. The story of the life of Anna Sergeevna Odintsova. 13. Who are Sitnikov and Kukshina? Their place in the novel. 14. Tell us about Marmeladov. What is the role of this hero in the fate of Raskolnikov? 15. Who is Raskolnikov? His family. Where does he live? What is eating? What are you wearing? How important are these questions for understanding the “theory” of the characters? 16. Raskolnikov's theory of the right of a strong personality. Why would the hero need an excursion into world history? 17. Retell the letter of the mother to Raskolnikov. What heroes will we learn about? How did the letter affect the formation of the theory of the hero? 18. Who is Luzhin? What did he value most in life? 19. Who is Svidrigailov? Why is he calling himself and Raskolnikov of “one berry field”? 20.Three meetings of Raskolnikov with Porfiry Petrovich. 21. Tell us about the relationship of Raskolnikov with relatives. 22. The life of the Marmeladov family. What do you see the causes of the plight of the family? 23. Why did Raskolnikov come to Sonya for the first time? What was the main thing in Sony's behavior? 24. Why did Raskolnikov come to Sonya the second time? What reason calls Raskolnikov among the main ones who pushed him to kill? Why? 25. The life story of Dunechka Raskolnikova. 26. What dream did Raskolnikov have in a prison? Why does the world perish? 27. Retell the episode about the German Fagel (To whom to live well in Russia?) What significance does this episode have for understanding the idea of ​​the work? 28. Tell us about the life of Matryona Timofeevna Korchagina after the wedding (poem To live well in Russia) 29. Who is Savely? The place of this hero in the poem To live in Russia is good. 30. Who is Yakim Naked? The place of this hero in the poem To live in Russia well 31. Who is Yermila Jilin? The place of this hero in the poem To live in Russia well 32. Who is Kudeyar? The place of this hero in the poem To live in Russia well 33. Who is Grisha Dobrosklonov? The place of this hero in the poem To live in Russia well 34Who is obsessed-obduduev place of this hero in the poem To live in Russia well 35. Who are the people of servile rank? How does Nekrasov treat them? 36. The love story of Nekrasov and Panaeva. Read the poem by heart and analyze it. 37. Tell us about the childhood and youth of Chernyshevsky (Saratov period, St. Petersburg University). 38. Tell us about the arrest, civilian execution and years of hard labor by Chernyshevsky. 39. Tell us about the main events in the life of Chernyshevsky in Saratov. 40

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